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6x Lumigan Eyelash Booster incl. 180 Applicators

*Wholesale Pack SAVE $124.20 - Limited Stock*

Buy Lumigan (Latisse) safely in our online shop.
Bimatoprost is approved by the FDA, to promote thicker and longer eyelashes.
  • Results within 15 weeks or even faster ! Thicker and Longer Eyelashes.
  • Initial Results could be seen after 4 Weeks of application.
  • Clinically tested to be safe and effective.
  • Only FDA Approved treatment to improve eyelash density and length.
  • Easy application (30 Applicators per Bottle included).
  • Once daily application initially, using our included brush, later 2-3 times weekly only. 
Lumigan/Latisse is the exact same medication as Latisse, made by the manufacturer Allergan. Lumigan is composed of the drug bimatoprost and was originally developed for the treatment of glaucoma, then still called Lumigan. After Lumigan users began to see thickening and longer eyelashes, Allergan quickly sought FDA approval of bimatoprost for that purpose and issued a new product for cosmetic approval and called it LATISSE. Buy Lumigan/Latisse, the exact same medication as the product made by Allergan, at a substantial discount over the price of Latisse. Don't let thinning eyelashes, running mascara or fake eyelash extensions keep you from enjoying your life to the fullest. Get Lumigan eyelash treatment today! 100% effective in patients who used it as directed.

Buy 6 x
Lumigan/Latisse eyelash treatment packs with 30% off ! You pay only one time shipping with us, no matter how many products you purchase. Shipping Worldwide and to all US States. 30 FREE Applicator brushes are also included with each Bottle 3ml (30 day) eyelash treatment pack purchased.

Lumigan/Latisse for beautiful, long and dense eyelashes.

Bimatoprost as a chemical is approved by the FDA as a topical drug to increase the growth rate and appearance of eyelashes in time frame up to 16 weeks. You will no more need expensive mascara or plastic eyelashes to achieve a sexy look, since Lumigan will help you to grow natural looking long and dense eyelashes, everybody will envy you for.

How is this product used ?

Apply a drop of Lumigan/Latisse on 1 of our included applicator brushes, then brush on the upper eyelid only, the lower eyelid should absorb some product as you should close your eyes for some minutes. It is recommended to apply Lumigan/Latisse before sleep.

How Does Lumigan Work?

The active ingredient in Lumigan eyelash treatment is called bimatoprost and has been used for many years in the treatment of ophthalmic hypertension in glaucoma patients. However, during this treatment, Allergan, the manufacturers of the treatment, noticed that these patients with time grew lush, dark and long eyelashes. This prompted them to do some further clinical trials and the result of that is the clinically proven, FDA approved Latisse (Lumigan) eyelash treatment.

Some studies have shown that with age, the eyelashes tend to thin and sometimes lose their darkness. This may be a cause of worry for many women who value the beauty of their eyes. Using mascara and other products only makes the issue more complicated and tedious. You do not have to buy fake eyelashes anymore or even wonder what can make eyelashes grow because Lumigan does this and more. It works so easily that you will be left wondering why you ever had to buy eyelashes in the past. The product goes to work on your eyelashes in two ways: first, it increases the number of eyelashes growing; this provides a fuller and lusher look. Next, it makes the eyelashes darker and longer, which completes the picture frame that creates the beautiful work of art that are your eyes.

Side Effects: Usually very minor. Redness, Possible darker coloration of the lid area where the product is applied to. Do not use this product if you have ocular surface disease, or contemplate eye surgery such as cateract surgery or Lasik. Download and study the product leaflet below. 


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