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Tips to Plan Your Meal

Your pursuit to lose weight will only be wasted when you don’t balance your diet and exercise efforts. No matter how many crunches and push-ups you do to at tain a flat tummy, if you don’t restrict yourself from eating unhealthy foods, then you’ll always end up with fats on unnecessary places. As the saying goes, if you always do the same thing, you’ll always end up with the same results. So, to help you in having a balanced diet, here are some considerations you need to know when planning your meals.

Diet Plan and Weightloss Schedule by Laptop

Frequency of Meals

The typical frequency of meals would be three times since it’s for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But not everybody is comfortable with this kind of pattern so you’ve got to know yourself if you will be hungry in between those times and if yes, do include that to your meal plan. It doesn’t matter if you have to eat six times a day, as long those are healthy foods.


Mealtime Preparation

Can you spare enough time to prepare a meal or do you have to dine out? If you’re in a hurry every morning, choose a healthy meal that you can prepare in just five minutes. Save those meticulous preparations over the weekends.


Nutrient Count

And of course, you need to know how much calories you’ll get from eating a certain meal. At least, an estimated count of it, if not accurate. This way you’ll also know how much you need to burn in your work out. You can not say your diet is balanced just by eating fruits and vegetables alone. You need to specify the nutrients you got because there’s a chance that you’ll skip the other necessary vitamins and minerals for your body.


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Why You Need to do Cardio Workout?

Sitting all day long and just slacking off might soon enough take its toll to your overall well-being. This includes an added number on the scale, a bit on your waistline, and worse, illnesses like heart failure. The word ‘cardio’ came from the Greek word kardia which means heart. Obviously, the goal of doing regular cardio workouts helps mainly to prevent heart complications. But here are some other reasons for you to reconsider cardio exercises as part of your routine.


Weight Loss

There are a lot of factors you need to add up when you want to lose weight, that includes working out plus balanced diet. But while work out means burning your calories, it also covers a lot more than sweating off. It might mean you’ll do strength training or cardio workout. The latter will raise your heart rate and pump up your blood flow which means you’re going to be sweating all the while.


Strong Heart & Lungs

As above mentioned, cardio workout will raise your heart rate level (only up until to the point where you can still talk). This eventually makes your heart stronger and lessens the chances of heart attack as it lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure. Simultaneously, your lungs also get stronger as you breathe hard and fast during the workout.


Control Moods

When our brain sends happy and feel-good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins, our moods get to be easier to control. We can sleep soundly and it eventually reduces stress in our body. How do we achieve this? Yes, through cardio workout.


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What to Do After Your Workout?

Not because you’ve finished your workout routine, it means you’re already done. To make sure that you are not ruining your own efforts to get fit, there things you have to remember for your post-workout routine so you can avoid an injury during workout.


Cool down

Skipping this part after working out increases the chances of getting injured. Take time to breathe and slow down your heart rate and blood pressure until it gets back to normal. After doing a vigorous run, jog or walk slowly for a few minutes before stopping. You should also stretch out to avoid soreness of the muscles the next day.

Change clothes

No matter how comfortable you are with your gym outfit, you need to take it off right after soaking yourself in the gym. Not only you risk infections breeding in your damp clothes but also the smell of your wet undergarments might linger around if you don’t change completely after a few hours.

Eat snacks

You worked out because you want to get fit but it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to eat. Foods fuel up our bodies. A good combination of carbs and protein is enough to restore your energy and help your muscles repair themselves afterwards.


Nothing can ever be more rewarding for your body after a routine of hardcore exercise rather than having a good night sleep. Not only because you can rest but also because during that time, our bodies began to heal and build stronger muscles for us.

How to Get Rid of Your Flabby Arms?

Aside from stomach and legs, arms have the tendency to get flabby and wiggly due to aging and, of course, excess fat. This situation is common for women of all sizes. Even those who are not really overweight but because they don’t work out either, there’s a possibility to be “skinny fat” because the body is not toned. Now, here are some of the tips for you to get rid of those flabby arms!


Cardio Workout

This type of workout will help out in burning more calories in your body while you build muscle through strength training. Experts say that even a 30-min walk, jog, bike, or swim can eventually make a difference to trim down your flabby arms.

Strength Training

Even though strength training doesn’t necessarily target your excess fat tissue, it helps build lean muscle to your body which means the more muscle mass you have, the more your loose skin can be toned. Also, more muscles mean an increase in your metabolic rate.

Balanced Diet

Your arms don’t get flabby and all that just because of nothing. It has stored fats, excess fats to be more specific, because of what you eat. A balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients your body needs to look fit.

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