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Tips to Have a Diet-Friendly Holiday

This holiday is one of the most challenging season for the people who are on a strict diet. With all the foods on the table, surely, resisting the temptation to indulge yourself will be difficult for some. However, like what the old saying goes: If there’s a will, there’s a way. You don’t have to sacrifice a year of balanced diet for a few days of pigging out. Here are some tips:


Be the one to host the party

Well, you’ve been cooking your own meals since you committed to your diet, right? If you want to make sure a diet-friendly holiday dinner, then why not volunteer to be the host of the party? This way, it’s not only you who can stay healthy but also those you have invited to join the celebration.


Stay active during the holiday party

Not on the dining table, mind you. But be active walking around the venue, engage in a conversation with different people, dance, sing, play games with the kids, or help in cleaning up.


Keep your eyes off the table

If something is tempting you, then all you have to do is to avoid it. When you find the foods restricted to your diet, stay away from the dining table. Choose the ones healthy for you, leave, and don’t linger around the table like you’re on the lookout for the next dish you’re gonna try.


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How to Eat Smart This Christmas Season?

Some people automatically expect themselves to gain weight after the holiday season is over. However, maintaining our weight this holiday season will be an easy thing to do if we only learn to eat smart. With some will, motivation, and discipline, this is a possible thing to accomplish as we end this year with a blast.


Find substitutes

We’re referring to the ingredients that are full of calories, fats, and sugary stuff – in short, the unhealthy ingredients. Make sure to minimize the usage of salt and other market-produced spices. Or better yet, replace them with the natural spices.


Don’t starve yourself

Are you the type of person who doesn’t eat before heading to a party? Well, you have to stop the habit now. Before going to a holiday party, ensure that your stomach is not empty. Have at least a soup, crackers, or some little snack before you go or you’ll end up pigging out when you arrive.


Choose the diet-friendly dishes

A little discipline is all you need to do this. Check out the foods on the dinner table before putting them on your plate. Does it have veggies on it? Is it too sweet? Does it look shiny because of too much oil? Do they have fruit juice instead of soft drinks?


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Maintain Your Weight This Holiday

One of the most anticipated seasons every year is the holiday season. This is when we can take a break from our work, share the love to other people, and savor the holiday vibe. This is also the time when people receive, not only gifts, but also extra numbers on the scale! As challenging as it may sound, maintaining your weight this holiday season is not an impossible task. Here are some tips to get by this month:


Satisfy your cravings

How else can you relax during the holiday season if you can’t satisfy your cravings? With all the delicious dishes and treats on the table, you can’t possibly stare at them during the celebration. So you might else indulge yourself a little. This is because there is a tendency for you to overeat if you keep on suppressing your cravings but always remember that…


Size does matter

Yes, take a look at the size of what you are eating. If you think a small portion of each of the holiday’s dessert won’t make sense, just how much would it be if you eat a large portion of those sweet stuff?


Make water your best friend

Drink at least one glass every before meal. This is to fill in your empty stomach and avoid overeating. Chances are, if you arrive at the dining table starving, you will find it impossible to stop yourself from digging in and tasting every dish available.

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