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How Important is Stretching?

One of the things that often get overlooked in doing fitness routines is stretching. While it may not be the key to lose weight, here are some of the things you need to know why it should be important too.


It improves your flexibility.

We may not notice but when we don’t stretch, reaching out seems harder because our range of motion is limited. But as we do so, it prevents tight muscles and makes it easier for us to move around and do our daily activities.

It enhances your posture.

Relating to the above statement, when tight muscles are finally lengthened, our muscle balance in the joints improves too. This corrects our poor posture in the long run.

It increases blood flow and circulation.

A normal dose of oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream is needed for a healthy body and mind. This makes the whole body system to maintain its functioning very well and reduces the risks of heart diseases.

It decreases muscle injury and soreness.

Stretching helps in recovery from workout soreness and injuries because it sends blood and nutrient supply to muscles and cartilage. Potential risks of soreness lessens when you stretch before and after exercise.


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Reasons to Add Fruits in Your Everyday Meals

When we say snacks, most of us would think of junk foods like chips, fries, donuts, and others that aren’t healthy for our health. However, fruits can also be considered as snacks – one of the healthiest substitute for your hourly cravings. Here are some reasons why:


It helps lower calorie-intake.

Since you will be replacing the usual unhealthy snacks with fruits. It can help a lot to lessen the fats and cholesterols you get. It also has fiber that can keep you from binge eating. This will eventually lead to trim down one’s weight or at least, manage it easier.


It prevents diseases.

With all the vitamins and minerals contained in fruits, it certainly helps fight various diseases and illnesses like diabetes, heart conditions, and cancer. It maintains your sugar level and blood pressure so you won’t have to worry about being sick.


It stimulates the brain.

Since you will not eat the so-called brain blocking foods that contains white flour, refined white sugar, and dairy products, eating more fruits can make your brain think faster and recall things clearer as it has natural sugars in it.


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Tips for More Specific Diet Goals

The year have started to pass by, how about your diet goals? If you are having a difficult time, then maybe these tips can help you in achieving your New Year’s weight loss goals.


One at a time

A gradual change in your diet will be easier to maintain rather than an abrupt change. Go slowly in achieving your goals this year. Take for an example, add a side dish of vegetable every meal instead of going all-out in to be a vegetarian.


Have a diet buddy

Two heads are better than one, right? Then, why not ask a friend or two to join you? Discuss your weight loss goals and share tactics on how you will achieve it. This also makes it easier for you to have a motivation when one of you is down in the dumps.


Keep yourself active

Attend events (but make sure they’re for non-foodies). Climb a mountain, try a new sport, walk in a park you’ve never been to, or be a tour guide for your foreign friends. The more you engage yourself in activities, the more you can burn calories and forget about eating when you’re bored.


Listen to your body

It will tell you when you are already full when eating and when you are really hungry or just bored. This way, you won’t confuse yourself if you need to grab a snack or just have to hydrate yourself.


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Tips in Achieving your New Year’s Weight Loss Goals

I will be fit and healthy this year! And so millions of people said all over the globe every time New Year comes. But seriously, how many of them have maintained to achieve this goal all throughout the year? Not everybody, right? If you are one of them, here are some tips to keep yourself motivated in achieving your 2015 weight loss goals.


Keep little reminders

Always remind yourself about your goals. Put a little note in your mirror, mobile phone, and personal laptop or any place where you can always see it. This way you won’t be forgetting about what you have committed to.

Monitor your progress

But don’t get depressed if you haven’t noticed anything yet. The first few months may not show any changes but as long as you have maintained your current weight then praise yourself. It’s better than to gain a few numbers on the scale.

Have a time table

Achieving a target will be easier if you have a schedule. Let’s say by the end of the third month you should’ve lost at least two pounds or by the end of the first month you should be able to do 30 push-ups.

Keep going

Who cares if you still don’t have your dream body? A few minutes of work out every day may seem like it won’t make any difference but think of what will you gain if just laze around down all day long. What important is you have started already. All you have to do is to keep going!

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