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Never Gain that Excess Weight Again

Weight loss is never an easy process, but still, people tend to do it not just because they hate their body, but also because they want to live healthy. These are the things that you should consider before, during, and after your weight loss effort.


It is apparent that the journey to fitness is not an easy road and there will be a lot of underlying obstacles that you need to overcome so before you start, it is best to do some internalization. Think of the reasons on why you will do this. At the end of the day, these reasons will push you to keep going. It will be hard but nothing can beat a good motivation.

After that, find way that suits how you would like to achieve the fitter you. There are many ways to choose from. You can arrange a workout plan, have a gym membership, follow a diet program, or you can explore the wonders of science.

There are various ways on how science can help you be fit and one of the popular methods today is the injectable. Many fitspiration, the term they use for success stories of people on becoming fit, have suggested that science have helped them achieve their fitness goals.

HCG injections, one of the known brands of diet injections ensure daily observable weight loss results. Details on how you can purchase HCG injections on their site and on their Facebook account.


Always remember that your determination must be stronger than any excuses you might possibly think and your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same. Whatever method you have chosen to follow to achieve your fitness goals, you better stick with it.

Find motivations in any way possible. You can consider asking the support of friends and family members in your weight loss goals. Having anyone to cheer you up will help you focused on what you want to achieve. Being with people who are also fitness oriented is also an advantage.


You observed that on undergoing your program you lose not as much as you wanted and there really is no need to be downhearted or even disappointed with yourself. Progress, little as it may be, is still progress. What you achieved is always better than achieving nothing at all. Never forget to reward yourself for the accomplishment. Always compensate your hard work with the deserved reward. A little tap on the back will go a long way.

Be on track with your progress and maintain it through what you do and what you eat. Manage your overall wellness and keep in mind that being fit should not be a short term goal, consider it as a lifestyle.


How to Stop Emotional Eating

Have you ever been so depressed that you immediately turn to food for comfort just to ease the heartache? If yes, then you are not alone on this one. Most of the time, people feel the strongest cravings for food when they are lonely and in emotional pain. Some would say it is necessary because eating is what people do to survive. Well, yes it is if you’re trying to survive from hunger. But, if you choose to eat to battle emotional pain, you may have a problem.

Eating too much due to stress or despair can make you feel better for an hour or two. At the end of the day, you’ll come to realize that your dilemma has not been fixed and worse, you just gained weight from trying to get rid of it.  It sabotages your diet and gives you heavier problems instead.

Feeling guilty yet? Here are some ways to avoid emotional eating.

  1. If you’re depressed, call that one person who can make you feel better. Ask him or her to hang out somewhere and then talk about your dilemma. An advice and a hug from that person can keep you from overthinking and help you find a cure for your problems.

  2. If you’re not in the mood to go out or to talk to anyone, then you can setup a healthy environment in your home just to keep yourself busy. You can redecorate your home or if you really want to stay away from eating, get rid of your junk foods and make yourself available the next day to buy low fat and low calorie foods. If budget allows, you can also purchase HCG injections to keep your fit.

  3. Instead of sulking, why not keep yourself busy by exercising. You may find it exhausting, but it is one effective way to avoid food temptations. Exercising can also boost your mood and release feel-good chemicals in your brain.

In summary, keeping yourself busy and focusing on doing the things you love are the most effective ways to avoid emotional eating. It is understandable to long for food every once in a while, but it is not necessary to always make it the center of your attention. Do not prolong the agony and focus on improving yourself more.

Health myths that need to be understood

People do care for their health. Therefore, they tend to listen to some health rumors that they hear from the society, even though these rumors are not proved to be true. By following these myths about health, they might accidentally create damages to their body as some of them can be dead wrong.

The following is most common myths you can hear easily from your surroundings as well as the scientific facts behind them.

Eating fat makes you fat

It is not quite true. In fact, fat inadequate amount is essential for health. Excess weight is more a matter of taking in more calories than you expend. It means that if you consume a moderate amount of fat, of course with proper exercise, you will not gain more weight. Moreover, fat offers flavor and satiety to make you feel full quickly. You can find healthy fats from olives, nuts, avocados and olive oil.

Carbs make you fat

First, you should understand that not all carbohydrates are created equal. For example, a chocolate cupcake and a banana both contain carbs, but only banana has necessary nutrients and healthy fiber. The pro – and anti – carb battle has been raging for decades, but one of the truths is that you cannot deny that your body needs carb in order to process energy. You can look for whole grains, legumes, fruits and vegetables when you want to choose carb-rich foods that are minimally processed and high in fiber.

Being skinny means being healthy

The fact is people store fat differently, and being thin is not an accurate measure of health. An article in JAMA reported that while obesity brings a higher risk of death, being thin also has a higher mortality risk than being slightly overweight because some thinner people do not monitoring their health carefully.

If you want to lose weight, go on a diet

According to a comprehensive review of 31 long-term diet studies conducted by UCLA in 2007, diets do not lead to sustained weight loss or health benefits for the majority of people. Instead, eating in moderation is a good idea for everybody, and so is regular exercise. Surprisingly, exercising may be the key factor leading to sustained weight loss.

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s start an appropriate plan and make sure that this time, you get enough scientific data behind these myths in order to get a healthy body and sustained weight loss.

5 Ways To Control Your Cravings

One of the hardest things about starting your diet is having those unexpected late night food cravings. One minute you’re just trying to make it through the day, and then you’ll suddenly feel the urge to eat your favorite sweet food. You know you want to fight it, but next thing you know, you’re already satisfying your sweet tooth with one or two slices of chocolate cake.

Are you tired of giving in and not being able to resist those cravings? Here are some tips to avoid them.

Take Note of your Eating Schedule

If you’re the type of person who would choose to skip meals and not eat anything just to lose weight, you’re doing it wrong. Starving lowers your blood sugar, and it causes your body to crave for something sweet. To avoid this, always make sure that you do not go longer than five hours without food in your system. If you’re that concerned about the excess weight you’re going to gain, only consume foods that are low in calories and fat.

Drink More Water

Drinking 8 glasses of water every day will trick your mind that you already had too much to eat.  It will help make you feel full and then get you to stop thinking about your desire for more food.

Brush Your Teeth

The only time you can say ‘No’ to food is right after you brush your teeth. When you already have that fresh and clean mouth, you’ll be hesitant to mess it up by eating, right? So, to fight your cravings, getting minty fresh is one of the most effective and genuine solutions.

Take a Nap

Cravings often begin after a long and tiring day at work and at school. So, when you reach home, do not think much about that sweet chocolate bar. Focus on your body and how it needs to rest. Lie down and take a power nap. Once you wake up, you’ll realize that that nap is all you need to feel better.

Distract yourself

Food cravings typically last to 10 minutes. So once you feel the need for food, stand up and do something that can divert your attention. Do the thing you love most but make sure it does not involve eating too much. If you have lots of time, do things that can actually help you lose weight like walking, running, or dancing.

Once you learn to fight your cravings, your diet will go smoothly than ever. For a more effective weight loss process, you can also try HCG injections which can help you lose 1 up to 2 pounds a day and get you in shape fast. Good luck!