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Don’t Be Stressed Out On Your Workout

ihcg_stressed outStress is an inevitable part of life. However, you should be aware that stress and fitness do not mix well together. On the contrary, stress deteriorates your overall well-being making your workout routine, diet, and hcg injections useless.

When stress affects the brain, with its many nerve connections, the rest of the body feels the impact as well. Here are how being stressed out negatively affects your workout routine.

Stress destroys motivation

You will definitely feel that every bit of your motivation to get fit is loss while experiencing a stressful day. People under stress tend to slack off on physical activity and spend more time doing nothing. Stress is likely to ruin your efforts and desire to be physically active especially for older adults and those who are beginning their fitness journey.

Stress slows down recovery

Exercise itself is a form of stress, which triggers changes inside you that make your body stronger. Bodily changes such as increased muscle mass, endurance, and flexibility are your insides’ way of recovery. However, another form of stress that affects you chronically is a different thing. This breaks down your system and slows down how your body copes up with the workout routine you are doing.

Stress blurs concentration

High levels of stress have been shown to negatively affect most aspects of human brain activities that include concentration and mental focus. When you’re stressed, your attention is preoccupied with the source of the stress, so there is few left to do the task at hand.

Stress is impossible to eliminate, but you can learn to manage stress, and most people usually do so. Failure to do your exercise when your stress level rises is particularly not the best idea. It is mainly because exercise is such an excellent stress-reduction tool.

Cross It All Out: 2016 Fitness Bucket List

ihcg - fitness bucketlist

Creating your list of things you aspire to do is a good way to start your year with motivation. But come to think of it, why not make a separate bucket list solely for your fitness goals? By doing so, you will have a very specific list that make you go healthier and fitter as you crossed-out an item on it.

So before you make good plans for exotic places to see or to become an adrenaline-junkie, here are some fitness objectives you may want to include on your 2016 bucket list:

Learn to swim

Swimming can burn body fat easier and have positive impact on insulin levels and your overall health. Local swimming centers offer lessons for adults of all levels of swimming know-how and various water activities classes, such as aqua jog, water aerobics, and aquatic cross training.

Finish a quarter marathon

For starters, quarter marathon can still make you feel the sense of accomplishment, but wear you out with the same commitment and preparation as a full marathon. It will help you to achieve cardiovascular fitness, weight loss, and improved upper and lower body strength. Looking for a running buddy or a group can make the training and the actual race more fun and easy.

Master some yoga poses

Yoga will benefit both your mind and body. This activity requires minimal exercise equipment, provides flexibility training without stressing the joints, and can improve posture. Many yoga studios that have experienced and certified instructors offer free classes to new students.

Start weekly cycling

Riding your bicycle weekly can help you lose weight, build endurance and even bring back the memories of your younger days. If you want a workout without the hassle of too much preparation, biking is a good exercise you can start by hopping on your bike in gym shorts and cross trainers, then off you go.

Your fitness bucket list should target different aspect of becoming fit. These activities, along with proper diet and your hcg shots are your stepping stones in improving your endurance, flexibility, strength, and overall health. Once you’ve crossed-out one, try going to the next level by adding more time or repetitions and increasing intensity level.