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How to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Paypal

Bitcoin is a safe and viable alternative to paypal or credit card payments. It seems still hard these days to wrap the head around how it works, and i doubt most people have created their bitcoin wallet yet, or use it on a regular basis. However it is now possible to purchase bitcoins online with a credit card if you are a US citizen or resident of a 1st World country like Canada, Australia, UK. Or you can connect your bank account and convert some funds to bitcoins. You still cannot use paypal for funding your bitcoin wallet. I guess paypal sees bitcoin as their direct competitor and does not want to go anywhere near it.

After creating and funding your personal bitcoin wallet, you will be able to make out instant payments for purchases or send bitcoins to other wallets. So how does it work ? (use this link to get a 5$ signup bonus)

Go to:
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  • Purchase Bitcoin with Credit/Debit/Prepaid Cards
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After a fast signup and verification process you will be able to fund your wallet and make out payments.

Signup process:

buy bitcoin with credit card paypal instantly


Verify your identity by taking a short video with computer or smartphone where you hold up front and back of ID card/Passport + front and backside of Credit Card/Debit Card along with your smiling face into the camera – that’s how easy it is ! You will be usually verified in about 15 min but sometimes up to 24hours, depending on their que, and times of operation. Here’s a video showing the process:

After deposit – Send out Bitcoin (btc) for a purchase:


Payment on

After following the checkout procedure you will be redirected to the processor’s page to complete your payment.

1. Choose Bitcoin


2. Confirm Rate + Captcha Entry


3. This below is the ‘waiting for your payment’ screen. You can see an hourglass appearing in intervals. The system is checking for your payment in the background.

Use your mouse to highlight amount and receiving Bitcoin address field, then use ctrl+c / ctrl+v to paste into your respective wallet field. If you use bitcoin on your phone scan the QR code shown. Usually immediately after you sent out payment on your side, the screen will change to 4.


4. You will see this below as confirmation that a payment was received but not confirmed yet (it will take 15min-1hour for your payment to confirm) inside the Bitcoin network.  Make sure you click the button ‘Return to Store’ so your purchase will properly register in the cart system.


To create your wallet and fund it with credit card go to:
(use this link to get a 5$ signup bonus)