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A Healthy & Happy Way to Wellness: Foods to Reduce Anxiety

There will always be bad days. But the way we deal with them differs from one person to another. One of the most common things we do when we’re feeling blue is to pat ourselves in the back while indulging to our guilty pleasures – ice cream, cake, pizza, name it and the list goes on.

Let’s admit it, digging into these foods for a whole day isn’t really healthy for us. But, who cares? It helps us boost our moods, right? Luckily, here is a list of foods that are not only healthy but also can make you happy!



Breathe in, breathe out. Drinking tea is almost like doing yoga and meditation. It soothes your nerves, calms your emotion, and focuses your mind in the present moment. Do you know why? Tea is full of a substance called theanine that makes its way to our nervous system and lowers anxiety, hence making us feel relaxed.


Not everybody loves to eat fish, but this one is a must on your plate if you’re feeling worn out these days. Salmon has high levels essential Omega-3 fatty acids that help maintain our mental health through reduction of depression and mood swings. There are a lot of recipes out there for salmon – you can bring it to the table grilled, poached, or broiled.


Yes, you’ve read it right. Some claims that this is unhealthy and just full of calories but when there’s a will, there’s definitely a way to make it nutritious. Just take for example, choose steamed beans instead of fried ones. Also, adding lean meat to your burrito can also help as it contains Vitamin B12 and B6 that regulate healthy moods. Sometimes, it takes a matter of clean choices to make your foods a little healthier.


Munch on peanuts as you go on through your day feeling blue and eventually you’ll feel happy. Nuts have an influence in the development of serotonin which has the ability to balance out your moods and contribute to feeling lively and happy.


Whoever it is that says he doesn’t enjoy eating chocolates must probably be a sad being. Aside from its mouth-watering taste, it is said that eating chocolate makes the brain release endorphins which are substances that make us feel good and experience pleasure. But mind you, always eat in moderation.

So there you go! Don’t let your bad mood ruin your day as you eat these foods on your way to happiness. For best results apply HCG injections and start living healthy as you achieve your desired figure.

Fitness 101: How to Prevent an Injury During Workout

Choosing to be fit and healthy is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, not only will it keep your body toned but it will also enhance your lifestyle and well-being as a person. It has been said that working out helps relieve stress but if it leads to an unnecessary event like an injury, how can you continue being fit and healthy again?

So, before that happens, here are some reminders on how you can prevent an injury during workout.


Warm up

If you don’t want to wake up with an aching body, you better make sure you do your warm-up exercise first before hitting the gym. This will prepare your body and loosen your muscles for heavier training and exercise. Most common warm-up exercises are lunge, squat, push up, jumping jack, and jogging. Also, don’t forget to cool down afterwards.


Since you’ve already increased your heart rate and loosened your muscles, you might as well improve your flexibility through stretching. This also enhances the circulation of oxygen in your muscles which in turn reduces tendency of soreness.

Have the proper gear

Remember, we have different set of clothes for a reason. Obviously, you can’t wear stilettos for marathons; this is why we have our running shoes. You can’t swim wearing your dress; this is why we have bikinis. The same goes for working out, you’ve got to wear the proper dress code so you can move your body freely.

Listen to your body

It is true that if there’s no pain, there is also no gain. But overdoing something is definitely not good. Once your body says it can’t go any further, you don’t have to push it to its limits for the sake of your training. Remember, being fit isn’t a race, what’s important is the progress of your workout.

Take a break

At least once a week, you should take a rest from working out not because you’re already exhausted but just to give time for your body to heal and rebuild itself from the strenuous week you’ve been through. But don’t rest for too long or else your body will get used to it and may find it hard to adjust again.

Ways to Enjoy and Have Fun while You Exercise

You feel motivated and eager to exercise when you find it fun and enjoyable. When going on a diet or just simply wanting to do your routines, there are a lot of options you can choose from to have the health benefit as well as the fun and excitement you seek. It may vary based on your preferences but it would work for you eventually.


Active video games

There are gaming console such as Playstation that lets you play using a dance pad. One of the most popular games for it is Dance Dance Revolution. You can do it alone or with a pair. You will definitely have a blast as you dance to the beat.

Consider pairing something to enjoy your exercise

There are a lot of things you could do while you exercise. It’s sort of multitasking. For example, you can run on the treadmill or a stationary bike while watching your favorite movie. You could also chat with a friend on the other side of the treadmill as you both run. Sometimes if you workout with a buddy, you feel more motivated and you can even compete with each other.

Listen to your favorite playlist

It’s more fun to exercise when you carry your own playlist. You could rhyme your moves with the beat while keeping your energy up and your mind at ease. It helps with the power boost of your limits and do more with less. For example, you do your curl ups based on the beat of the drums and aim to finish a certain part of the song. Here, you wouldn’t even notice that you’ve made more than your usual limit.

Clean your house

Did you know that cleaning your house or just your room is an effective form of exercise? It takes minutes or even hours to finish it, but once you do, you will feel the sweat and fatigue running through your body. Well, what’s good about it is that it involved almost all the parts of your body. Walking, sweeping, lifting, and many more.

Find something that suits your interest and try to make it part of your regular routine. It’s a matter of discipline and focus on what your real goal is and that is to exercise. For better results, combine your diet and regular fitness routine with HCG injections. It will help you lose pounds every week and achieve your desired weight. Contact HCG injections today!

Getting Started With Your Fitness Routine Safely

When you do a fitness routine, immediately jumping of to a fast pace could hurt you. It would be wise to check your condition first before hitting the start button. Things like symptoms and/or illnesses may have a different type of approach than that of normal health status. So at first, you have to know what you can and cannot do.


Be wary of your health concerns

You have to know your own condition before you try and do routines that seem difficult. There might be a slight change in your meal plan, schedule, and/or medication. These little details should not be taken lightly for it may cost you. For those who have health conditions such as diabetes and those which affect your breathing, whenever you feel tired or in pain when you exercise, don’t immediately stop; instead, gradually slow down until you stop. The body could be shocked and even lead to worse conditions if you came from running then hit the brake hard instead of slowing down first from a distance before stopping.

Start slow and end slow

It is never too late to exercise. Even men and women over the age of fifty still do their routine. It’s a matter of you being eager to do it. Start slow, don’t rush it. Instead, you could gradually increase the pace and make sure that you are comfortable with it before you proceed with a much higher pace.

Stick with a good exercise schedule

If you want good results, you need to stick with it. Something as soft as doing your routine once a week won’t do. You should at least attempt to do it two to four times a week for you to see the difference. Even a simple 30-minute walk would contribute greatly. Seek for a decent weekly plan and follow it.

Picture out a long-term result but focus on a short term goal

One of the most effective things that you could do is to do things gradually. If you wish to run 12 km or 24 km and is still having a hard time running 5 km, you could try to improve your running every week by 500m or 1km depending on your preference until you get used to it and move to a longer distance.

Recognize problems

When you do your routine, some problems like muscle pain are inevitable. If you feel like you can’t finish it due to these type of causes, then don’t push yourself. Your health is much more important that achieving your 52 km dream run. It will come.

Following a good fitness routine while eating healthy and applying HCG injections can better give you the weight loss result you seek. Start your HCG diet protocol and keep yourself physically fit today!

Prevent Diet and Weight Loss Pitfalls

Ever had the urge to lose weight but fail to do so? Or even if you have successfully achieved the weight you seek, you continue to gain more afterwards? These effects could be depressing, and the more you get stressed over it, the  worse it would become. So you should keep a positive attitude and make the best out of it.


Moderation, not starvation

Depriving yourself from food is not really the healthy way to achieve your diet. You may even get ulcer if you don’t really eat which would result to a longer diet process. What you could do is to have moderation. Eat but don’t overdo it. Set a stomach limiter. Your body could determine whether you’re full or just simply want to eat to fulfill your cravings.

Short-term enjoyment of your goal

There are times when even if you lost a certain amount of weight, your body seemed to weigh back the way it was or even more. Your body’s metabolism may vary based on your food intake and daily eating habits. So if you think that you’ve rushed your diet, you’ll notice that once you’ve returned to your old eating habits, you will feel a significant increase in weight. So even if you’ve achieved your desired weight, try to keep your meal plan and new habits.

Unsuccessful weight loss attempt

Admit it, there will always be a time when you’d sneak your strawberry cake and other sweets to cheat on your diet then realize that the diet plan you are following is not working. Yes, it can be discouraging, but it’s part of it. You can’t fully achieve the weight you seek unless you give it your all. So a month or two of unsuccessful result is just a stepping stone to better yourself in the succeeding sessions.

Weight loss can be very challenging. If your mindset says that “it’s difficult and you can’t do it,” then you really won’t achieve it. Start slow, then gradually increase your tempo until you feel confident that you can do it. After all, doing something small is a lot better than just thinking of the things you’d have to do without action.

With the use of HCG injections, your diet is made easier and more effective. Start balancing your calorie intake every day! Contact us now!