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3 Month HCG 5000 IU Just HCG - NO Supplies

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I just received my order today. This will be my 3rd round with the HCG Diet and injections. I started at 230lbs and I am currently at 170lbs. I hope to get down to 120. I read a post earlier about someone who did this, lost the weight but then gained it back. This is not a "fix all" solution. It helps to break down the fat and allows you to drop the pounds much faster than just diet and exercise. However, once you reach a goal, you must work at maintaining it! Eat right and exercise daily! It's a lifestyle change not a quick fix. I have spent about $2000 with this program going to a "doctor" and getting my injections. I am very excited to do this on my own now and save that money! I hope that I will get the same results from my last two rounds!
Date Added: 02/05/2017 by Shannon Dunn
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