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I had heard about this diet and was skeptical. A friend tried it only to gain the weight back and then some. Then my boss told me to try it. I figured I had no reason not to so I did my research and ordered the supplies. The day they came in the mail I cleaned my pantry, fridge, and freezer and made the decision to do it, and do it right. I went grocery shopping and made sure I was well stocked on all the necessary foods that were allowed.

The first couple of days were a little rough. Adjusting was a little difficult. But then it became easier and easier and the pounds melted away, 1 a day! I even continued to loose about 2 pounds a week on the maintenance phase. I did another round and had between .5-1 pound per day. I am now 60 pounds down. I have another 60 to loose, so I ordered more. I have not gained any of the weight back. I no longer crave the bad foods that I was accustomed to eating. As a matter of fact, they make me feel sick now.

This diet, as with any diet, is about accountability. If you hold yourself accountable, you will see the results you want. Otherwise, you are wasting your time and money.
Date Added: 03/12/2017 by Shana Cannon
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