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2 Month HCG 5000 IU Incl. Mixing Supplies

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I started the hcg diet after I witnessed my best friends results. I had 2 kids within 1.5 yrs gained 65 lbs with my first lost 50lbs then oh no i found out I was pregnant again, gained 70 more lbs on top of the 20lbs so I'm up 90lbs. I tried everything, and many shakes. I went to my MD In april weighed 232lbs had my blood work done and EKG everything was a go started the next morning April 24th, within 3 weeks it came down to 205.8, 7.2lbs which is quite good compared to all the other diet programs i tried. Personal tragedy forced me into a short break but soon will be on it again. I loved the energy, I'm not tired when I get off work. Play with the kids, watch my late night T.V. shows and wake up refreshed.
Date Added: 03/03/2017 by J. LOWRY
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