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Mixing Instructions for HCG Diet Injections


Here you can find our Video Mixing Instructions for the Multi-Dose HCG 5000IU Vials. Please follow all information exactly, and also read the Notes below the Video.


Mixing Instructions for HCG 5000IU Multi-Dose Vials

1. General Notes:

  • One HCG 5000 IU Vial will provide daily injections for 25 days.
  • HCG Vials CAN be stored refrigerated UNmixed, but MUST be kept in the fridge once mixed. When mixed up the HCG liquid will be good for around 1 Month. Unmixed vials are good as indicated by the expiration date on the box. Mix only the HCG vial you intend to use immediately. Keep other vials unmixed until needed.
  • Try not to reuse Insulin needles, unless you really need to, they are for single use only. Discard used needles in a solid plastic or metal container, to avoid injuries.
  • Keep needles and other supplies safely locked away from children.
  • Always sanitize bottle tops with alcohol swabs before mixing and drawing liquid. Swab the injection site as well before every shot.
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