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We are currently accepting these payment methods:

- Secure credit card transaction with Visa Card. Online.
- ECHECK (available to USA Customers Only). Online.
- Money Transfer (Visa/MC can be used). Online. Send email ask  for info first.

1. Visa Payments / Secure Checkout Process 2048bit SSL encrypted.

We are using a processing bank to handle payments. They approve or decline payments based upon their screening process, we cannot manually override this. If you credit card order got declined, please try the Echeck option instead.

Credit card payments are safe and easy. All our servers use SSL encryption to protect your card info. Payments are instantly processed/approved and your purchase scheduled for shipping. We do not store any credit card data and there is no recurring payment. Note that credit card payment online, like in a physical store always incurs a small transaction fee around 3% of the purchase value, imposed by the banks. We do not receive this amount, neither can it be refunded to you. By paying in our shop with your card you accept this circumstance.

Reasons your payment was declined:

  • Your Card is not a real bank issued credit card, but a prepaid, gift, or debit card. This type of card may or may not be accepted by the processing bank (solution: Try another card)
  • You placed 3 declined orders in quick succession. Do not try more than 3 times to get approved, otherwise you will be blocked for 24hrs. (solution: wait 1 day or use Echeck)
  • Order Declined, no reason given (solution: Use Echeck)
  • Order Declined with message "please contact your card issuing bank" (solution: contact your bank that issued the card and inform them you intended to place the transaction and they should allow it. After their confirmation try again to place your order, or try next day if you exceeded 3 attempts.)

Please always contact us first, prior to initiating any dispute with your bank. Otherwise you may end up in a database of blacklisted customers, which is shared by many banks and payment processors.

2. eCHECK (USA Customers only) / Required: Account# + Routing#, Phone verification

Electronic check processing relies on the same secure network used for Direct Deposit and Direct Payment, the Automated Clearing House (ACH).

The Federal Reserve's Regulation E and the NACHA Operating Rules regulate electronic payments processed through the ACH network. Because of Reg E and NACHA's Operating Rules, consumers have greater protection with electronic check processing.

Consumers also benefit from the convenient payment options that can be offered with echeck processing. For businesses offering the service, a consumer can take the routing and account number printed on the bottom of their checks and make payments over the phone, online, or on an automatic schedule. This way, their payments can be debited from their checking account, without adding to the balance on their credit cards—an important factor in today's economy.

An additional and often overlooked benefit of echeck processing is security. An electronic check transaction passes through far less human hands than a paper check—making a consumer less vulnerable to identity theft, and making an echeck payment a MORE secure processing method.

Please note: Payment by eCHECK results NOT in an instantly approved transaction. You will receive an email from the Echeck processing company, prompting you to call them and verify and approve your transaction.


3. Money transfer

You can use a large financial service with branches and counters all over the world. USA, UK, and most European citizens, can transfer money online or over the phone with Visa, MasterCard, Amex. Also cash transfers are mostly available in bank or post offices. They are charging fees for every money transfer but the transfer will be almost instantly available. Send email to, if you like to use this service, and we will inform you with the transfer info.

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