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The HCG Diet requires a Diet regime to go with it and VLCD is the one that provides the best results. VLCD is the abbreviation of “Very Low Calorie Diet”. One can guess from the name that the diet is about reducing the calorie intake.vlcd diet

Only 2 things are essential for you to follow and start dropping pounds :

  • Daily HCG Injections
  • Follow a Strict Low Calorie Diet

One of the serious problems, overweight people have, is excessive hunger, and the tendency to eat when even not hungry at all. HCG has a way to cope with uncontrolled cravings. In order for HCG to be fully effective you need to limit your body to a calorie intake of 500-800 calories/day. This will signal your body to use the circulating HCG to start breaking up the existing fat (to feed the growing baby) . Since you are not ! pregnant, your own fat reserves will be used to provide nutrition for yourself. That also explains why HCG Dieters feel comfortable with a much reduced calorie intake with the VLCD Diet, because their body provides energy through the utilized fat resources. This will work for women and men and the HCG + VLCD Diet will start acting within a few days. 

What to Eat on the VLCD Diet ?

There are thousands of powders and ready meals that fall into the category "Low Calorie" products. All these products are processed foods that you should avoid at all cost. The labels are mostly misleading and hiding other negative ingredients. You must be determined to change your menu, otherwise the HCG Diet will fail.

Fresh and organic self-cooked food is the way to go for a healthy VLCD Diet. Yes, it will cost you more, but what in the world could be more important for you than providing your body with fresh, vitamin-rich vegetables to finally slim down sustainably ? Chicken, Fish, Salads, Fruits and Vegetables, will mostly be on your plan. We have listed a few HCG recipes here for you.

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