Food & Diet Myths That You Should Not Believe

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Food & Diet Myths That You Should Not Believe

While taking HCG Injections, there are restrictions that we need to follow in order to achieve the successful result of the plan. Because of this, we tend to research and believe in diet or food myths we think can help us to lose weight quick. But did you know that there are myths that are being trusted today that actually pushes to gain weight instead of the opposite. Don’t exit this tab as we listed up the myths that you need to know when you’re on a diet. Read on!

Myth #1: No Carbs To Shed Pounds
Foods that are rich in Carbohydrate is essential for our body as it gives energy that our body needed. It has vitamins, nutrients and fiber that can help us to stay full and fuel on to do workouts. So, this means, eliminating carbs on your diet does not only reduces whole grains and vitamins but also reduces good capacity of having food contentment. In result to this, having not enough carbs may also make us crave more.

Myth #2: Diet drinks can cut calories
A lot of us may think that switching to a diet drink can help us cut calories because it claims to have zero calories. But did you know that there is a recent research that say that drinking “diet” drinks can set yourself to crave sweet even more? Artificial sweeteners are more addictive and are hundreds to thousands of times sweeter than a regular sugar. “Fake” sugar can trick the body. Since it does not provide any calories to backup the sweetness, it may cause a cycle of cravings.

Myth #3: Fruits has too much sugar for weight loss
Getting rid of fruits means you are losing a ton of valuable vitamins that your body need. This means, you’ll lose a whole lot of fiber, which is linked directly to a long-term weight loss and instead, lets you to eat processed and empty food items.

Myth #4: A high-protein diet is the best way to lose fat
Yes, protein is an important nutrient for our body, but limiting other food groups such as carbohydrates for the sake of eating more protein could have an effect in your body. In addition to this, you are most likely to miss out on fiber and vitamins found in other food groups. So, the best thing to do is have a healthy balanced diet that can give you enough protein, carbohydrates and fat needed by your body.

Myth #5: Cutting of all fattening foods for your diet
Of course, who wants to cut of pizza, chocolates, chips to your diet when “moderation” is only the key for everything? Sometimes, when we eat these foods, we tend to overeat, but the key to that is to know your limitations most especially when you have a strict diet that requires a limited of calorie only. Have a slice, eat it but always remember the limitation.

Myth #6: Eating after 8PM makes you fat
Eating at night has been associated with weight gain for a long time. The truth is, calorie is a calorie, regardless of when you eat, and the cause of weight gain is actually eating more than how much you burn. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Weight Control Information Network website, “it does not matter what time of day you eat. It is what and how much you eat and how much physical activity you do during the whole day that determines whether you gain, lose, or maintain your weight.”

Are you one of those people who believe in the myths above? Maybe you need to think the other way now and start your diet right. Good luck!


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