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HCG Diet Effects

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is a natural human hormone that is produced by women, during pregnancy. Research suggests that HCG can greatly control and improve the body’s metabolic functions, and help to use and burn up calories, instead of storing more fat.

HCG Diet Injections help to free the fat, to burn it, and to evacuate it through the kidneys. Together with a low carb diet of 500kcal this avoids new fat immediately taking the place of the removed fat. Under normal circumstances a 500kcal would be difficult to maintain. But through the administration of HCG injections it becomes possible. The HCG Weight Loss protocol of Dr. Simeons suppresses feelings of hunger so you will feel satisfied with the 500kcal, as your body will utilize the existing fat reserves of your body as supply.

Tens of thousands of people used, and are using HCG Injections to shed great amounts of fat in short time, and achieved permanent and lasting results.

Who can use HCG Injections?

Women and Men between 18-60+ Years can use the hcg diet program if they want to make changes to their appearance. Maybe you are a women that recently gave birth and wants to get back to her previous shape? Or an overworked office worker living on a fast food diet most of the time? If you feel that you have unsightly fat deposits that are hard to reduce with conventional methods – then HCG injections may work for you, as they have worked for many other people.

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3 Major Effects of HCG

Using a VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet) along with HCG injections will make your body believe there is a nutrition emergency. The HCG will enable your body to use the fat reserves and convert them quickly into usable nutrients.

Higher energy levels are widely reported while on a HCG Diet. Feel energized, fresh and powerful from the moment you wake up! Use our FREE B12 shots, delivered with every HCG order, to further boost energy levels.

You will feel less hungry. Although you should consume only 500-800kcal daily, you will not feel extreme hunger, since the HCG is using your own fat deposits as nutrition.

These are bold statements you may think, however these points are confirmed by countless reviews online, of users, that posted their experiences and findings when using hcg injections.

Is it safe to use HCG?

Conceiving women will produce hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin, as a placental hormone. The function is to nourish the egg and the embryo during the pregnancy, so it is very safe and naturally occurring. An embryo in the womb, is exposed to much higher concentrations of the hormone than the dosage required to trigger weight loss. HCG that is used for injections is sterilized, then manufactured and contained in sterile vials under vacuum conditions.

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