Simple Things You Could Do to Lose Weight

Reducing your weight can be very challenging especially when you really love to eat delicious foods. It doesn’t matter how fit or slim you want to be, as long as you have the goal and determination for it. Here are simple things you could do to achieve it:Be the early bird Whether it is a moderate jog or an extensive [...]

HCG Diet Tips for Women

Desired weight and figure has been quite an intriguing issue especially to women, and tends to be difficult to achieve with diet and exercise alone resulting to lower confidence and self-esteem.Daily Eating Habits and Routines One reason is that women tend to be less active in hardcore exercise and sweat breaking routines than men. Hence, it gradually creates an irregular [...]

Know How HCG Could Help You With Your Diet

For those who are not yet familiar with how HCG diet works, it helps you lose pounds every week. Not every diet supplement can reduce your weight or fat alone. It still requires healthy diet and regular exercise.HCG is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a pregnancy hormone responsible in mobilizing the fats for the mother’s and [...]

Fat Wars: Healthy VS Unhealthy

It is given that unhealthy fats are stored in several places of the body specifically in the belly. Of course, this is something that you want reduced or completely removed. Although these unwanted fats exist, there are instances where you need to eat foods that are rich in fats too in order to sustain the function of important internal [...]

Don’t let stress increase your body mass!

An increase in weight can result from several reasons and one of those would be “Stress”. It is our natural way of responding to the events which triggers the body to release cortisol, a stress hormone.Stress is a response against threats to our body There are plenty of reasons for stress, whether it be from over fatigue, endless requirements at [...]

HCG: Solution to unwanted weight gain

There are many reasons why people gain weight, and an increase in body fat commonly occurs due to too much daily calorie intake and unhealthy eating habits. It also includes food cravings which are difficult to control from time to time. Another factor is having little physical activities such as sports and exercises.Plan and schedule your daily meals In order [...]

What is Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet protocol?

There has been a lot of debate and confusion all over the web as to what the proper HCG diet is, how it is really performed, and where to properly buy HCG online. Discussed in this blog are information, suggested prescription and diet for the best HCG results. HCG Injections and Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Very Low Calorie Diet: Countless [...]