Water and HCG Injections: Tips and Important Notes

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If you’re on a diet, you are surely aware of how important water is. Most especially when you are taking HCG Injections. It is advisable to know how much water you are consuming whether it may be too much or not enough. Here are some important notes that you should know about taking water while on an HCG diet:

Water Requirements
According to the HCG diet creator, Dr. A.T.W Simeons, the dieters are only allowed to drink only water, coffee, tea or water. They must drink at least two liters or half a gallon of water per day.

Is there such thing as too much water intake?
The answer is yes. If your water intake increases than your sodium intake during your diet, it can lower the sodium level of your body. And too much water combined with a low sodium can cause a condition known as hyponatremia. It is a condition that occurs when the level of sodium in your blood is abnormally low.  Symptoms may include to headache, dizziness, fatigue, and even fainting in some cases.

How to know if you’re drinking enough water?
Following Dr. Simeons advice while taking HCG Injections is a great guideline to stick to the plan. But here are the ways to know if you are in right track in the water drinking scale:

Check your urine. Every morning, check the color of your urine. Typically, the smaller the amount and the darker the urine is, the more you are dehydrated.

Weigh yourself. Our body is made up of over 60% water, and we need water replacement to rid our bodies of excess sodium. If you’re not drinking enough water and your body is dehydrated, your body is actually going to hold on to water and you may see irregular rising on the scale. For example, you have a jump up of salt intake, then your body is retaining water to compensate for all the sodium you took in.

What kind of water is advisable with HCG Diet?
According to Dr. Simeons, HCG takers must drink mineral water during Phase 2 of the diet.

How does water help the diet?

First, when you’re on a diet, your menu choices is limited. That’s why many people turn to over-seasoning their food to make it more satisfying. If you drink the required liters per day, you can mitigate most of the water retention caused by too much salt intake.

Secondly, since the goal of taking HCG Injections is to lose body fat, following Dr. Simeons’ water protocol will release toxic substances that were stored in the body’s fat cells. These toxins need to be processed by the liver and flushed out of the body. Without enough water, the liver cannot do its job properly, so it is essential that a person in a diet drink enough water every day.

Lastly, without enough water, we will be often confused with the body signals between thirst and hunger. A person in a diet can feel hungry when the body is actually thirsty. Keeping the body well hydrated will help alleviate the urge to snack or eat inappropriately.

To maintain optimal health and to be able to maximize your diet, our body needs to have enough amount of water. Consider keeping a fresh and clean bottle of water at your work desk, bag or inside your car every day!

How Do You Eat? Mindless Eating VS Mindful Eating


Getting fit requires a lot of dedication and focus. It is not only a physical effort. Even fitness trainers will tell you that there is no shortcut to what you want to achieve.


Several factors contribute to the success of your weight loss goal. Having the right posture and workout duration are some, however, what could affect it most is if you eat mindlessly or mindfully.


What is Mindless Eating?

Mindless eating is ignoring your body signals entirely. You eat for the sake of eating. You see food so you eat food. For instance at the movie house, you’re not necessarily hungry when you’re chomping down on popcorn. Notice that while watching, you just mindlessly scoop and eat. Your attention is on the movie itself.


Mindless eating also happens when you eat with your emotions. Surely, you are familiar with the scene of heartbroken people scooping into a pint of Ben and Jerry’s while crying their heart out. Eating for comfort is also mindlessly eating.


What is Mindful Eating?

The total opposite, mindful eating, is an eating behaviour that considers how your body is feeling. In other words, eating only when you feel hungry and stopping when you feel full. From the word mindful which means being aware, you slow down to pay attention to your food intake.


Practicing Mindful Eating


  • Eat when hungry until satisfied.

  • Distractions and multitasking is a no-no. Focus should only be on eating. That means, no eating while driving, watching, or working.

  • Chew slowly. Do not rush eating. Notice the flavor, texture, aroma, presentation, and way of cooking.

  • Consider where the food comes from and how it would nourish you.

  • Planning to eat out with other people at a particular time and place is better than randomly eating alone.

Today, we are so caught up with technology that we even eat or take a bath while watching the television. It is no easy task to practice mindful eating because of all the distractions. Your HCG shots, for instance, need to be partnered with a good and healthy meal plan. Why not include mindful eating which could bring about better results? After all, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it!

Breakfast Mistakes That Makes You Fat


Your HCG shots will be more effective if they are coupled with a routine that includes regular exercise, and a healthy diet which includes eating small meals for breakfast, dinner, lunch and some light snacks. But because of our busy lifestyles, we sometimes opt for quick, yet unhealthy fixes to satiate our hunger until it’s time for the next meal.


And if you are taking HCG shots to aid in your weight loss, skipping your breakfast is never a good thing. Dubbed as the most important meal of the day, your breakfast help fuels your body with energy that you will need to keep your body well stimulated and on the go.


Furthermore, having breakfast also prevents you from overeating because it will be easier for you to control portion sizes because your breakfast was able to keep you from being famished. But if you are still packing on the pounds, despite making sure to have breakfast before starting your day, your breakfast might have some loopholes that prevents you from achieving your ideal weight, such as:


Indulging on baked goods

Muffins and pastries seem to be perfect for breakfast, especially for those who are constantly on the go. And if you work in an office, there is a high chance that someone will bring a box of baked treats. While they are tasty and a great treat for our grumbling stomach, these baked treats are usually full of fat and sugar. These packaged treats may be convenient and easy, especially if you are running late for your meeting, but these baked goods will do nothing to improve your health or help you meet your weight loss goals.


Chugging on preserved OJ

Freshly squeezed orange juice is packed with vitamins that is good for your immunity, which is why it is a favorite of many. On the other hand, store bought fruit juice contains unbelievable amounts of sugar and carbs. Packed and canned fruit juices contain a variety of artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners that have high sugar content. The better option to boxed fruit juices is to drink juice that came from freshly squeezed fruits, or just have a glass of water to wash down your meal.


Eating carb heavy meals

If you think your favorite pancakes and waffles are healthy and tasty breakfast choices, think again. Popular breakfast meals such as waffles and pancakes contain sugar and, preservatives and additives that artificial sweeteners like syrup contain. These food can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels, followed by a crash in your energy.


But if you really want a heavy breakfast, a smarter option is to opt for whole grain toast or a bowl of whole grain cereals (oatmeal works as well), and combine them with lean meat, low fat yoghurt or egg white omelet. These healthy options are rich in fiber, which are effective in boosting your digestion by improving your body’s metabolism.


Adding too much to your coffee

A cup of joe is important for many people in order to start their day. The good news is, coffee is linked to lowering the risk for type 2 diabetes, reducing the risk for different cancers, and protection against Parkinson’s disease. But what makes drinking coffee in the morning counterproductive to our weight loss goals are additives such as sugar, whipped cream and flavored syrups that easily transform into unhealthy fat. To satisfy your daily caffeine fix, opt for freshly brewed black coffee, with very little (almost none) sugar.


Diving right into the buffet

Buffets are popular nowadays, especially in hotels and restaurants. But with it comes the freedom to indulge into an endless stream of food, making it easy for extra calories to sneak in. If having a breakfast buffet is inevitable, remember to limit yourself to one trip and to be mindful of the portion sizes of grains, lean meat, egg whites, fresh fruits and veggies that you add to your plate.


Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but utmost consideration should be placed when deciding what to have. Your HCG shots will be more effective when you decrease your sugar intake. Indulge instead on whole grains and fresh fruit juice. Opt for simpler meals, and avoid adding artificial sweeteners and dairy to your meal.


The choices you make for your breakfast can go a long way towards setting your energy for the rest of the day. Not only will your healthy choices be very beneficial for your health and energy, it will also keep your metabolism at its peak, ensuring that your body is doing its job in burning fats. At the same time, a healthy breakfast is will be a lot helpful for your body in storing plenty of energy to help you accomplish your daily tasks.


Step by Step Guide To Being Confident With Your Body


When it comes to self worth, only one opinion matters and that is yours. How you perceive yourself influences how others regard you. We tend to be the most meticulous of our critics. In the days when your flaws and blunders seem to be the focus of your self image, you can follow our tips on how you can create better confidence within yourself.


Have an active lifestyle

Did you know that people who exercise don’t just do it to be healthy, but to improve their well being too? They claim that working out on a regular basis makes them feel more confident about themselves. Being active can also make you become healthy and more energized, as exercise allows your body to produce dopamine and serotonin, happy hormones that will help you have a more positive outlook by decreasing depression and hostility, and improving agreeable social behavior.  Furthermore, maintaining a healthy figure which you can attain from exercising, eating right and taking your HCG shots can be of great help for you to become more confident about yourself.


Stop comparing yourself

Our exposure to media and its ideas of the perfect body makes it easy for anyone to unfavorably compare his or herself, especially when exposure to heavily airbrushed pictures of models in magazines and advertisements is inevitable. Rather than trying to fit into the type of image media constantly projects, learn to appreciate your body, flaws and all. Pay attention to the parts of yourself that you like, such as being talented, smart, witty and more.


Drop in a few compliments

Start each day by taking a good look at yourself in front of the mirror and compliment yourself for your achievements. Other people are not that generous in giving compliments, so give yourself a break and notice the good things about you. You are doing yourself a favor because  paying attention to the good things about yourself helps program your mind to create a new positive belief about yourself.


Surround yourself with positive people

Let’s face it: there will be days that even when like your best self, having other people constantly nitpick on your flaws can cause quite a jab on your self esteem. Being surrounded by friends who are not happy with their own skin can make fostering self confidence difficult for you. Instead of spending your time with these toxic people, give more of your time to people who love you unconditionally. People with a positive outlook in like radiates their bright, happy personalities with other people they spend time with. So try to look for these kind of people in your circle. And if you don’t have them, don’t be afraid to reach out to meet new people who share the same attitude and outlook.


Surrounding yourself with people who freely talk about getting healthy and adopting a healthy lifestyle can help address issues on self confidence. Talking about exercise among your group of friends can help you think about what your bodies can do, rather than what it looks like. Remember, the only way you can be more confident about yourself is when you stop focusing on your insecurities.

Four Workout Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now



Maintaining a healthy figure seems easy enough. All you need to do it to take your HCG shots, eat clean and exercise on a regular basis. For many, a healthy regimen simply includes going to the gym, do some squats and call it a day.


But did you know that what seems to be a systematic routine can get you injured? Chances are, you may be executing the routines wrong, using inappropriate equipment and pushing yourself for quick bursts that can bring irreparable damage to your body. So here are some workout mistakes you might be doing right now and how you can fix them.


Doing a hundred crunches

Okay, we may be exaggerating, but you get the point. Gone are the days when we think that the only way we can get those coveted washboard abs is to do a hundred crunches.Turns out that concentrating on your form is the first step to executing the right crunches. The first concern of every fitness enthusiasts is determining the number of crunches they must do for the routine to be effective in burning fat.


It is important to know that increasing your crunches can create a sloppy form and making those crunches less effective. Opt for less, yet stable and well formed crunches instead of playing who does more in your routine. After all, 10 perfectly executed crunches are far more effective and healthier compared to doing a hundred, yet poorly done, sets. You can also opt for other core workouts with the same effects such as squats, or lifting weights like kettles and dumbbells. Complete your core workout in a planking position to help force your core muscles to contract from multiple regions, stabilize the body and challenge your muscles more effectively and efficiently than a series of crunches.


Using small weights during cardio

Using smaller weights during cardio can be dangerous, because it increases your lifting speed, especially if you are only starting with your fitness routine. Increased lifting speed can lead to incorrect form which can cause serious problems and injuries later on. When you’re a newbie with workouts, your trainer will most likely advise you to lift lighter weights for your cardio. But as you progress, the weight you lift must also increase. Opting for dumbbells with more weight can help improve your metabolism, shed fat and prolong after the post workout burn sensation. Lifting a weight at a repetition count of approximately 12-15 reps allows your muscles to break down and build up, creating a lean and well toned body.


Pushing your heart rate

A lot of treadmills have heart monitors installed on them which helps you stay in the ‘red zone’ for optimal calorie burn. But since these monitors can be inaccurate, people tend to overestimate how effective these workouts than they actually are. Focus your workout to how your body feels as you do it. If your heart is beating fast, you’re sweating and enjoying yourself, then you’re on the right track.


Overcompensating with calories

It’s easy to scarf on any food within arm’s reach after pumping some iron for your workout. But doing this can very easily undo all your hard work. So instead of binge eating after your routine, have a small post workout that is packed with carbohydrates and protein 45 minutes into your workout. And as for your post workout snacks, you can have a protein shake, or keep fuelling your body with small snacks containing fiber and lean protein to help you feel fuller.


If you feel like you’re doing your workouts wrong, or if you feel that you’re using enough energy for your routines, don’t hesitate to talk to your fitness trainer. Time is the most important commodity that we have, so don’t waste it on useless workout. By fixing these common workout mistakes, you will surely enjoy the benefits of being fit and healthy in no time.