Vitamin B12 – All about Benefits, Energy, Weight Loss, Deficiency, Dosage

…and how it can fit in with the hCG Diet.

hcg vitamin b12

One of the most important supplements for a healthy body is Vitamin B12, which helps in cell division, formation of red blood cells & energy metabolism.

Common sources of Vitamin B12 include meat, seafood, eggs & milk products. In recent times this vitamin has also become a part of case studies that focus on weight loss, for which metabolism forms a key factor. Basically, during metabolism, some proteins and fats are broken down by Vitamin B12 so that they could be converted to energy.

But Vitamin B12 is a water soluble compound and the body can take only a certain amount of it and the excess is passed with the urine. This is why B12 levels tend to deplete quickly and need to be maintained on a regular basis.

 The HCG Diet

utilizes Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, which is a special hormone present in both genders. But during pregnancy in females, this hormone becomes abundant. The function of this hormone is to ensure that fat is converted to energy for the fetus.

The hormone is administered through hcg injections so that the host starts breaking down fat and use it to provide nutrients for its own body. When this program is used with a very low calorie diet, the user should see consistent weight loss results.

But since patients are required to adhere to the 500 calorie limit, this diet plan can come with uncomfortable effects, such as hunger, light-headedness & irritability, more so if the vitamin nutrients are in deficit. Other symptoms like headache, shortness of breath, facial swelling & vomiting are common with people who are suffering from Vitamin B12 deficiency.


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  Benefits of B12 with the hCG Diet

There are a number of advantages for users, that Vitamin B12 supplementation presents, when going for the hcg diet. You will benefit from enhanced energy levels brought by the faster metabolism, and secondly it helps you in losing a bit more of weight.

The other advantage is that with the Vitamin B12 in the HCG diet, people face lesser side effects than they would by taking a HCG diet alone, because important vitamins are replenished.

As a nutrient you will find that Vitamin B12 has a huge impact in making sure that your body and the metabolism function properly and efficiently. It is also known as Cobalamin. Some of the prominent functions played by the nutrient are production of DNA at the time of cell division, and forming healthy RBCs (Red Blood Cells).

The most important function of Vitamin B12 is to supply energy to the body and natural sources of B12 can be Meat, Milk, other dairy products, Poultry, Fish & Eggs. Best supplementation can be achieved by ingesting or injecting B12 on a regular basis.

 B12 and the Weight Loss Connection

Some of the most significant and positive effects that Vitamin B12 has on the human body are the breaking down of the fats and proteins. This helps in increased metabolism and the heightened energy levels are surely helpful in this as well. Having said, that, Vitamin B12 is also not a standalone solution for people who are obese, and there are reasons to support this theory.

The daily requirement of the human body for Vitamin B12 is about 3 micrograms. But the supplementary products are able to give out hundreds of micrograms in that regard. However, much of this is relative because Vitamin B12 is water soluble so a lot of it is wasted and passed by the body.

What we take from the market as supplements usually have a very low amount of usable Vitamin B12 in them, and the main reason for that is fermentation. You will not be able to make all B12 available and usable even if the products that you buy have high claims about this.

vitamin b12 sources

Means that no matter how much supplement you take, you will be able to utilize only a small fraction of it. The only solution for this problem is to use Vitamin B12 in a higher dosage + along with a supplementary diet like the HCG Diet, if you aim for the maximum results in your weight loss program.

  B12 Deficiency Risk with HCG DIET

Hormone administration and a 500 calorie diet are the hallmarks of the HCG diet. Because of the fact that this is a low calorie diet, keeping healthy may pose a challenge. You will in general be restricted in intake sources containing Vitamin B12. This case is especially hard for vegans. There might be even chances of your body becoming severely weak.

Other symptoms to follow are headache, face swelling, shortness of breath, a tendency to vomit etc. All of these could be causes of Vitamin B12 deficiency.

For this reason alone Dr. Simeons has recommendations for vitamin supplements in his diet protocol. Patients generally experience more sustainable weight loss and a better tolerable diet cycle when Vitamin B12 is combined with HCG diet.

  Dosage / Administration of  B12 Injections

Should you ingest or inject the B12 ? You can do either, however only a 3rd of the ingested B12 will be effective due to passing through the digestive system. So adjust your dosage accordingly. B12 Vitamin liquid can be swallowed in a drink or food, perfectly in the morning, for an early energy kick :)

Subcutaneous shots can be administered instead of intramuscular - means injecting with a very short needle into the fat layers around your abdomen or thighs - easier for self-administration and the B12 is released slowly.

  • 10-30ml injectable Vitamin B12 Compound
  • Clean working space, away from children or pets
  • 1cc Insulin Syringe with needle
  • Rubbing alcohol for disinfection

We recommend to use 1/2cc of B12 injections every other day, or every third day, or 1.5cc if ingested. However if you do not feel any effect, like a boost in energy levels, feel free to up the dosage. There is no danger of overdosing.

1. Make sure to wipe the working area and bottle tops with rubbing alcohol.
2. Wash hands thoroughly with soap.
3. Use insulin syringe to draw out the Vitamin B12.
4. You can inject the B12 subQ in the fatty tissue of the thigh, gluteal area or around your abdomen. B12 can hurt when injected to push the plunger slowly. Also do not inject in the same spot as the HCG to avoid bruising or skin rashes. Some people draw HCG and B12 in the same syringe, this may be possible but we cannot comment due to lack of studies.
5. Alternatively you can mix the liquid into a drink or with food and consume it.