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Please send us your video and let us know how HCG worked for you, and we will send you a free month of HCG injections (1 vial HCG 5000IU) ! We are sure that most of you have great success with the Hcg Diet, so please let us all know about your progress. You can send us a short 1 minute Video or before and after pictures.

– “I worked hard the last 2 years to drop down to 160 lbs, nothing helped much… ” –

Amber, MI: “The weight just kept piling on very slowly. I had a hard time to get rid of these ugly layers around my belly, nothing worked much, and with a family, i am unable to spend much time in the gym. I read online about the hcg injections, there are actually so many people that claimed it worked for them. After a few rounds of this i must say that it really helped me to get back in shape and reach my goal of 160 lbs, which i consider my perfect weight. I am taking a break now but still watch a lot what to eat and what not. So far i would rate the hcg diet as very efficient.”

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