Why Is Oatmeal Good For You?

Oatmeal is a ubiquitous breakfast staple enjoyed across all age ranges. Historically enjoyed throughout the USA and Europe, oatmeal is also gaining traction in developing countries because of its affordability and its health benefits. Oatmeal is made of oats, which are packed with nutrients and are higher in fiber and protein compared to other grains. Whether or not you’re on the [...]

Simple Tips In Preventing Wrinkles

Aging is an inevitable part of life. From the moment you are born, the process starts, and it doesn’t really slow down - at least not in the way you’d imagine. The best you can hope for is to stave off the physical manifestations of aging as long as you can. As early as your 20s - considered to be [...]

Healthy Morning Foods To Take With Your HCG Injections

A good breakfast is the perfect start to your day. A nutritious, well-balanced breakfast will provide you the energy you need and prevent you from overeating throughout the day. If you are taking HCG injections, it is also important that you consume healthy foods for your diet. The following are some of the healthiest foods you can enjoy for breakfast:Eggs Eggs are [...]

Improve Your Cardio Fitness Score While Taking HCG Injections

According to the American Heart Association, cardiovascular disease and stroke are the two main causes of death globally. In the United States alone, one in three deaths is from cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and heart disease. In fact, you might personally know someone who suffers or has passed away from any of these illnesses. People with low cardiorespiratory fitness are more [...]

How to Choose the Fitness Center for You

Even though an exercise regimen isn’t strictly necessary when you’re following the HCG injections diet plan, working out is still a good thing to do to keep your body in tip-top shape, especially if you want to tone specific parts of your body such as the arms or your tummy. If you are thinking of starting a workout routine, [...]

Health and Nutrition for Athletes

It is an acknowledged fact that good nutrition leads to good health, and good health greatly contributes to one’s performance. This holds especially true for athletes, whose foundation to better performance is a well-balanced and healthy diet. An athlete following the HCG injections plan should consult a nutritionist to make sure if there are other adjustments to be made, [...]

Signs That You Are Not Getting Enough Protein

"Protein is king," according to Dr. Spencer Nadolsky. In fact, we have to at least intake 0.36 protein per pound of our body. This macronutrient makes up the major component of all our cells and provides essentials amino acids that keep our body energized all throughout the day. This is why protein is so important in HCG Injections diet, [...]

Food & Diet Myths That You Should Not Believe

While taking HCG Injections, there are restrictions that we need to follow in order to achieve the successful result of the plan. Because of this, we tend to research and believe in diet or food myths we think can help us to lose weight quick. But did you know that there are myths that are being trusted today that [...]

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a Diet Plan

Now that you are thinking to start a diet plan, you need to ask yourself a few questions in order to have successful results. Not only that these will help you determine the right plan for you, these will also help you know if you’re ready to start today. Take a look: Does the diet plan have proven results and [...]

You & Your Diet Buddy: Fun Activities That Actually Work

Diets in general are difficult to get into. They require adjustments, discipline, and a strong will in order to fully commit. For this reason, it is great to have a diet buddy to fall back on. You can offer each other a support system for when the going gets tough during your dieting and weight loss process. In some [...]

Gaining the Confidence in Healthy Living Through HCG Injections

Taking HCG injections doesn't just let you achieve your desired body but also gives you a chance to switch to a healthy lifestyle. By staying disciplined, it let's your body adapt to a better diet and eventually get used to it even without taking the HCG diet procedures. In this article, we provided ways on how to find the [...]

Surprising Activities That Can Burn Calories While Taking Your HCG Injections

Sometimes being too busy doing work or studies can make you skip your workout routine and weight loss plan. But did you know that there are surprisingly other ways that may help you burn large amount of calories even when you are not aware of it? In this article, we listed a daily calorie burning activity that can have [...]

Life Lessons You Can Learn From HCG Diet

In your road to a healthier body, you will encounter ups and downs. It may be hard and may take time, but what’s important is that it’s achievable and you don’t give up on it. Who could’ve known that including HCG shots in your diet can reshape the way you think about health in general? Learning to be responsible Being on [...]

Water and HCG Injections: Tips and Important Notes

If you're on a diet, you are surely aware of how important water is. Most especially when you are taking HCG Injections. It is advisable to know how much water you are consuming whether it may be too much or not enough. Here are some important notes that you should know about taking water while on an HCG diet: Water [...]

How Do You Eat? Mindless Eating VS Mindful Eating

Getting fit requires a lot of dedication and focus. It is not only a physical effort. Even fitness trainers will tell you that there is no shortcut to what you want to achieve. Several factors contribute to the success of your weight loss goal. Having the right posture and workout duration are some, however, what could affect it most is [...]

Breakfast Mistakes That Makes You Fat

Your HCG shots will be more effective if they are coupled with a routine that includes regular exercise, and a healthy diet which includes eating small meals for breakfast, dinner, lunch and some light snacks. But because of our busy lifestyles, we sometimes opt for quick, yet unhealthy fixes to satiate our hunger until it’s time for the next [...]

Step by Step Guide To Being Confident With Your Body

When it comes to self worth, only one opinion matters and that is yours. How you perceive yourself influences how others regard you. We tend to be the most meticulous of our critics. In the days when your flaws and blunders seem to be the focus of your self image, you can follow our tips on how you can [...]

Four Workout Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now

Maintaining a healthy figure seems easy enough. All you need to do it to take your HCG shots, eat clean and exercise on a regular basis. For many, a healthy regimen simply includes going to the gym, do some squats and call it a day. But did you know that what seems to be a systematic routine can get you [...]

Tips On How To Be Healthy At Work

Trying to be healthy at work can be difficult because you spend most of the time sitting in front of your desk. Also, uncontrollable stress levels can interfere the effects of HCG shots. But your hectic work schedule can be easily manageable if you: Learn to manage stress Stress eating is inevitable, especially if you have a demanding job. Juggling several [...]

Making Healthier Food Choices With HCG Shots

In most weight loss programs, your diet is the first thing that is given utmost attention, and HCG is no different. Good nutrition, coupled with taking HCG shots regularly, are key to making your weight loss program work more effectively. Changing your eating habits can be difficult, especially if you have a physically demanding lifestyle. Setting realistic goals that give [...]

Three Body Types And How They Affect Your Weight Loss Journey

Image courtesy of Fitness & Power A lot of people complain that despite buying hcg online, they are still unable to lose weight as fast and as easy as they expect. While some people have a harder time shedding their extra weight, some have a harder time gaining and maintaining some pounds. So to better understand how you can lose [...]

Cooking Habits That Sabotage Your HCG Shots

Sometimes it’s your day to day routine that makes your HCG shots work slower than it should. The most crucial factor of your diet is how you prepare your meals. Unknowingly, traditional cooking methods employ the use too much preservatives and flavorings. Naturally the end products that you will be consuming will be packed in fat, sugar and calories. Here [...]

Fatty Foods That Are Actually Good With HCG Shots

From some, losing weight through exercise and diet is not enough due to their slow metabolism, body’s ability to burn fat, or even hormonal imbalance. That is why using HCG shots are helpful for them in making their weight loss program more productive with visible and almost instant results. But to make these shots work more effectively, you must [...]

4 Ways to Keep a Healthy Weight Aside From Buying HCG Online

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight needs long term commitment, regardless if it’s gaining a few pounds, or trimming down to a healthier figure. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve your ideal weight overnight. Rather, it is the fruit of dedication, hardwork and discipline. Paying attention to what you eat, and maintain a healthy routine which includes regular exercise are a [...]

Making your HCG Shots More Effective With Food that Burn Slowly

Carbs, starch, carbohydrates. No matter how they care called, this food group has gathered quite a bad reputation to fitness enthusiasts and the health conscious alike. What most of us don’t realize is that carbohydrates are built different from each other, each with its own effect on our body. If you are weight conscious, or on the way to gaining [...]

Boost Your HCG Shots with Infused Water

We all know that along with your HCG shots, drinking water helps in shedding weight easier. Because of that, infused water has been a weight loss trend since 2014. It’s not healthy to rely on vitamin water, weight loss teas and juices sold in the supermarket because most of them are packed with preservatives and sugar. Instead, make your own [...]

How Eating Healthy Can Make Your HCG Shots Work More Effectively

Taking your HCG shots can help you lose more weight along with a healthy diet. Eating healthy can also help you shed weight the healthier way, here are more benefits your body will reap from a healthy diet: You’ll have healthy gums and teeth Sugar is bad for you--especially for your teeth. Cutting down the sugar and other sweets help prevent [...]

How to keep yourself fit

Shedding off the weight is easy, it's keeping yourself fit that is challenging. Just because you are losing weight using hcg shots , it doesn't mean you don't have to keep a balanced diet and a healthy routine. Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself fit:Eat your breakfast Whoever said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day knew what [...]

Choosing a Workout Buddy for You

One way to make your hcg diet more effective is to fortify it adequate exercise. But then again, working out can be pretty tiresome and let’s face it, it’s more challenging to be consistent with your schedules and dieting. One way to solve this is to have a workout buddy to motivate you. But how can you choose a [...]

Role of Fiber in Weight Loss

In our goal to achieve significant weight loss, it is important to understand how fiber affects our diet plans. Such understanding is essential to make our hcg injections work more effectively. We hear our doctors constantly remind us how important it is to include fiber rich foods in our diet, especially if our goal is to shed some of [...]

6 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

When you are too focused on the end result of your diet, which is to lose weight, you tend to overlook at things that may have a huge effect while you’re taking HCG injections. Chances are, you are not losing weight because of these seemingly innocuous habits and conditions that actually regress your weight loss effort. You are Not Tracking [...]

Role of Water in HCG Diet Plan

It’s important to understand how water impacts diet plans, most especially while taking HCG injections. As a matter of fact, drinking plenty of water is one of the most essential task for people who follow a certain diet plans. Did you know why? Because it helps you lose weight quickly. Here’s how it works: Alternatives for Carbohydrates HCG diet requires a [...]

Approved HCG Diet Program Foods With Calorie Count

Following your HCG diet program can be hard at times. You need to constantly check your weight which includes monitoring your calorie intake. Once you buy HCG online, you should start improving your lifestyle to achieve your desired result. Here’s a list of HCG approved foods that you can try in your next meal. Meat Here's your source of protein; Chicken breast(86g) [...]

10 Signs That You Are Doing Excessive Workouts

One of the effective ways to make HCG Injections more successful is by adding a consistent exercise routine. However, because of your urge to lose weight right away, you take exercising very seriously which can worn out your muscles. At this point, your body might be reaching the point of overtraining and you may now feel something unusual lately [...]

Beyond HCG Shots: Tips for Happier, Healthier & Better Life

HCG Shots help us have slimmer and fitter body. However, all other aspects of achieving a happier, healthier, and better life boils down to our perspective; how we think, move, and react to our environment. Below are some tips that will help us let go and focus on the things that deeply matters. Tips for Happiness 1. Smile often. Don't put [...]

Healthier Alternatives to White Rice

White rice is a good source of fiber that most of the people choose to put into their plates in any time of the day whenever they find themselves hungry or craving. But aside from the health benefits of rice, there are different alternatives that can give same amount of vitamins and minerals. When you purchase HCG injections and decided [...]

How To Start HCG Diet Plan?

Photo source: Nowadays, taking a weight loss supplement is one of the most common methods to get your desired body. However, HCG Injections or HCG Shots is becoming more popular due to its fast and recognizable results. But before you start any diet plan, you need to fully understand what is it all about, its formulation, and even its restrictions. [...]

Tips on How To Cook the Healthy Way

Not everyone is a degree holder or even have a great skills in culinary. But cooking by yourself is recommended while you are using HCG shots. This will help you control the total calories that you are taking instead of buying food elsewhere. It's just a matter of choosing the right method and avoid mistakes in cooking. Here are some [...]

Foods That Can Make You Feel Full

When you are trying to lose weight, it is necessary to cut back the foods that can add up fats in your body. Once you purchase HCG online, it is also required to have specific number of calorie to feed your body each day. But giving in to hunger is sometimes one of the reasons why we fail to [...]

Benefits of Sweating in the Body

"Grab a towel and a bottle of water and get your sweat on” These are probably the words that you will say to yourself after knowing what sweating does for a your body. Sweating in your exercise that you are doing while on the HCG Injection diet program don't just benefit your fitness, but also comes with a number of [...]

Kick Start to A New Lifestyle this 2017

Staying with an active lifestyle is one important factor of a healthy life. As you age, you need to properly maintain and discover new things to be able to enjoy a longer and healthy life. Motivation and consistency is the key that you need to be able to follow the easy tip to be on track for your healthy, [...]

How To Lose Belly Fat

One common problem of people trying to lose weight is how to overcome the belly fat. Sometimes, no matter how hard they try to exert effort, those belly fat is still popping out like they will be in your body for your entire life. Fat inside belly can considered as harmful because of the tendency for diabetes or even heart [...]

Motivational Plan To Lose Weight

Being motivated in your goals is a one major key to successfully achieve it. Setting a fix plan and having it in your state of mind is your step to be motivated. Being motivated is done in different ways. This article gives you motivational tip to step ahead and lose weight in your own way. Here's how: Tell Yourself That [...]

Unhealthy Drinks To Avoid During Diet

You are about to start HCG diet program, you already purchase HCG injections, you are now preparing your body for some adjustments that you're surely going through during the process and you are stating your mind of being devoted for this fitness program. All throughout the week, you've done the required number of exercise routine. You've been so dedicated [...]

What To Do After Overeating On A Holiday Season

No matter how healthy you are in your daily lives, when a holiday season comes, most of us tends to loosen the reigns. A season with a full blast of food filed on your kitchen table, too many cake slices, pastas, oily foods and everything that comes around as well as alcoholic drinks showering around each corners. Then, you [...]

An Easy and Convenient Workout At Home

You don't need to avail a membership and allot at least 2 to 3 hours of your time to go to gym, or even buy expensive workout apparatus to kill those unwanted fats and maintain your physically fit body. Money and time concerns is probably a main factor why most of the people is not engaging into this kind [...]

Losing Weight in a Painless Way

Who wouldn't want to achieve that perfect body without getting too much painful in workouts or being tired of the food you've been eating for a long period of time? Having a physically fit body doesn't really require to exert huge efforts but a huge lifestyle changes that everyone can easily overcome. In this article, we will provide you [...]

Diet Program Recipe for A Day

Eating nutritious foods means having a healthy lifestyle and choosing the right food is an extremely important part of your day. Food is everyone’s source of energy and having it satisfyingly will let you feel refreshed and ready to face the activities within the day. In this article, IHCG will give you some healthy recipes that you can prepare [...]

Foods to Avoid While on a Diet Mode

A good diet plan starts with the food you've taken. The efforts you exert in exercising and running is nonsense if you're feeding your body foods that can add up on the weight of your body. In this case, here are some of the foods every person in diet mode should avoid; Sweets Obviously one of the foods to be avoided [...]

Signs That You Need To Lose Weight

If you ever had a struggle putting up your jeans and even zipping it hardly afterwards, or the new clothes you just bought a week ago doesn’t fit anymore, you might probably think that you are gaining weight. But did you know that there are so many signs that you are actually gaining weight, not just the fact that [...]

HCG Diet Tips And Tricks

Participating in HCG diet has its perks. However, you will face many challenges especially if you haven’t tried low calorie diet before. There will be changes in your body, you might experience mood swings, cravings, and many more. Do not let these challenges get the best of you. Try these proven HCG diet tips and tricks to make your [...]

Fitness Myths Debunked

Being fit and healthy are two of the most important things that you should have in order for you to live a balanced and happy life. Sometimes, hindrances and challenges get in the way of you getting that fit and healthy body that you want. But what if I tell you that some of the things that you think [...]

Phases Of HCG Diet

Though HCG diet is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, it still has some rules that you should abide and phases that you should undergo before reaching your desired weight. If you have no idea about the four phases of HCG diet program, here’s an overview to help you prepare before you start using your HCG shots: Phase [...]

Superfoods That Will Give You A Super Body

Superfoods are mostly plant-based, fish, or dairy foods that contain substantial nutrients that are good for one’s health. These are extremely important for weight loss, health, and overall wellness. Most superfoods contain antioxidants that prevent cancer, diabetes, and digestive problems - no wonder why they are called ‘super’! So if you want to achieve a healthier body, these are [...]

HCG-Friendly Recipes That You Should Try

Once you decided to undergo HCG diet, one of things that you have to do is limit your food choices. For the whole duration of your diet program, you have to eat foods that are HCG approved or else, your diet will fail. This might sound bad, but there are actually lots of ways to enjoy your meal while [...]

How To Prepare Yourself Before Using HCG Injections

One of the hardest things to do is lose weight. You probably have experienced going to the gym and quitting after a few months or sticking to a strict diet plan and quit again. Indeed, losing weight requires discipline and determination. And even if losing weight using HCG injections is way easier than going to the gym, you still [...]

HCG Diet: Facts You Should Know

The HCG diet is one of the most popular weight loss programs due to its quick and effective results. However, some people still does not have enough information about it and knowledge on how it works. If you are thinking of doing HCG diet program to achieve the weight that you desire, then you are on the right track. [...]

HCG Diet Food Choices

HCG diet program is one of the most popular ways of weight loss. Discovered by Dr. A.T.W Simeons in the 60s, it is a safe and orderly method of weight loss that women and men can do. HCG diet program requires strenuous calorie restriction. While you are on this diet, you have to carefully plan what you eat on [...]

HCG FAQs Answered

HCG diet is a popular weight loss plan that guarantees a dramatic shedding of pounds.One of the reasons why it is so loved by people who want to lose weight is because it is affordable, safe, and effective. However, there are still people who doesn’t have enough information on how the diet plan works. Here are the most common [...]

Benefits Of HCG Injections

You probably have heard about the famous HCG diet. This breakthrough diet program has already helped thousands achieve the weight they desperately want. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has the power to eliminate fat cells while on a calorie restricted diet. The body will retain lean muscle without taking nutrition from other cells. Because of this, the body will take from [...]

Ways To Maintain Your Weight

Some people lose their motivation to stay healthy and fit after they have achieved their weight goal. This leads to the return of the weight they once worked so hard to lose. Being trapped in this cycle is pretty exhausting. If you want to get out of this never ending situation, do these things to maintain the body that [...]

Protein Filled Vegetarian Foods

One of the most common myths about being vegetarian is that you cannot supply enough protein in your body. This is due to the belief that we can only get protein from meat. But to tell you the truth, it is actually very easy to include protein in your vegetarian diet. You just have to have a thorough plan [...]

Healthy DIY Smoothies

Most of you think that you shouldn’t consume smoothies whenever you are in a diet. Little do you know, drinking a smoothie nourishes your body with essential vitamins and minerals that will help you lose weight. It is best that you know how to make smoothies yourself so you can have full control of the ingredients and quantity that [...]

Creative Ways To Use A Treadmill

Treadmill is one of the most popular exercise machines. Its main purpose is to burn calories through running or walking. You have probably used this device a hundred times at the gym or at your own house. But did you know there are lots of exercise that you can do while you are on the treadmill aside from running? [...]

The Perfect Workout For Every Body Part

There are over 600 muscles in our body. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you have keep every single one of them strong and mobile. No muscle should not be left behind whenever you are working out. To make sure that your giving them equal attention, here are the perfect workouts that you can do to strengthen [...]

Fitness Myths That You Should Stop Believing

MYTH: YOU CAN CHOOSE AREAS WHERE YOU’D LIKE TO BURN FAT FACT: According to some experts, you can’t really pick which part of your body you would want to lose weight. Moreover, you can’t really control where that fat comes from. So don’t believe everything you see on TV where they tell you to buy a machine that targets to lose fat [...]

This Is The Right Time To Eat These Foods

Most of you think that as long as we eat healthy and organic foods everyday, your body will be safe from diseases. Little do you know, eating them at the wrong time can lead to serious health problems. Get the most out of your favorite foods by eating them during these hours: Dark ChocolateEating dark chocolate in the morning is [...]

Seven Types of Simple and Easy Juice Cleansing Recipes

Juice cleansing is a great way to lose those unwanted body fats. Whether it’s green or fruity anything goes. It also serves as vitamins which can make your skin glow and look young. But did you know that juice cleansing is not just about throwing fruits and veggies in a blender? You still need to pick out the right [...]

Healthy Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss

Breakfast is considered as the healthiest meal of the day. The meal that you eat for breakfast will be largely responsible for your weight maintenance and weight loss by maintaining blood glucose and metabolism. However, some of us take this time of the meal for granted. Sometimes, you just eat whatever food is available so you wouldn’t feel hungry [...]

Workout Trainings You Can Do At Home

Well, even those people who constantly go to the gym had this feeling of boredom but still cling to the idea that they must pack up their bags and go to the gym. These are common hindrances that break our routine and as we all know, one skipped day might lead to one skipped month or year or whatever. These [...]

Reasons To Work Out

There are some instances in our life that we tend to be enticed with the idea of working out. But as we go on further with the idea, there are some bumps in the way and we realize that the gains are not worth the trouble. You will be going on through these epiphanies and weigh in what you’d [...]

Six Diet Types To Get A Fit and Healthy Body

When we heard the word diet, the first thing that comes to our minds is losing weight, little did we know that the term "diet" means a daily food allowance and as a matter of fact, there's a lot of diet types be it for losing or gaining body weight. And to give you heads up, here are some [...]

Female Sports That Helps You Be Physically Fit

Nowadays, many women started engaging themselves to different sports not only for a hobby, but also to maintain being physically fit. Sports can of course, be considered as a good exercise for our body. However, not all sports can be joined by women, but then again, on the positive note, a perfect choice of sports for a woman can [...]

Keeping A Consistent Training Program

A lot of people out there have experienced being motivated to have a healthy body and great physique; a lot of them have also experienced their motivation to drop down as fast as it peaked. These are probable effects of not having a right routine to achieve your goal and not having a routine will not get you where [...]

Why Being Physically Fit Is Important

In this techy generation, most people tend to live a sedentary lifestyle, they do not engage themselves on regular physical activities which makes them a slob or what they call “couch potato”. But little did they know, having regular routine of exercises to achieve physical fitness benefits our body more than expected. Being physically fit means being able to [...]

9 Healthy Summertime Pound Shedding Food

Everybody wants a nice, toned body for the summer. Obtaining your best summer body ever is easy to do when you start eating healthy, low calorie food. Fruits and vegetables are stuffed with nutrients and enzymes which helps you lose weight. Here are the list of summertime pound shedding food that you should eat this summer. 1. Watermelon Watermelon is a [...]

Achieving Beach Body

Everyone’s going gaga on losing body fat and getting in shape to have a perfect beach body. But achieving a body worth showing off is not easy and some of us doesn’t have all the time to spend going to gyms and having a heavy workout. And not challenging your body gives no good in having a well fit [...]

Ways To Speed Up Your Metabolism

Metabolism plays a big role in your diet and overall fitness. It is a process of converting the food you eat and drink into energy. Slow metabolism means that you are more likely to gain weight as your calorie-burning muscle turns into fat. If you have fast metabolism, eating large quantities of food is not a problem because calories [...]

Superfoods That Will Take Your Health To A Whole New Level

Consuming foods that are packed with nutrients will not just benefit your health, it also keeps your body fit and in good shape. Yes, exercise is a must if you want to maintain or change your physique, but if you feed your body with foods that contain few or no health benefits at all, then you are just wasting [...]

Exercises That You Can Do In Your Office

Sometimes, your calendar becomes so full that hitting the gym is an impossible thing to do. This is a big problem because in order for you to stay fit and healthy, you have to engage yourself in physical activities. So if you want to burn calories at the gym but too busy to do so, here are some exercises [...]

Already Achieved Your Desired Weight? Here’s How To Maintain It

Achieving weight loss is a milestone that should be celebrated.  After months of hard work, discipline, and perseverance, you have reached the body that you have been dreaming of since day 1. However, some people have failed to maintain the body that they have worked hard for. To maintain your good physique for a long period of time, here [...]

Quick Workouts To Do When Your Schedule Is Full

Sometimes, you are so busy with work, school, and social life that you forget to take good care of your health. You skip meals, miss your gym schedule, and when you go home, you sit on your couch or go straight to sleep. If you continue this kind of lifestyle, you will suffer from obesity and diseases. So if [...]

Healthy Food Swaps

There will be times that you will be tempted to consume unhealthy food. Though you might think that one bite of a chip is not that bad, repeatedly doing it will cause more harm than you imagine especially if you are trying to lose weight. So put those bags of chips down and munch on these instead: Banana Split Sundae [...]

Don’t Be Stressed Out On Your Workout

Stress is an inevitable part of life. However, you should be aware that stress and fitness do not mix well together. On the contrary, stress deteriorates your overall well-being making your workout routine, diet, and hcg injections useless. When stress affects the brain, with its many nerve connections, the rest of the body feels the impact as well. Here are [...]

Cross It All Out: 2016 Fitness Bucket List

Creating your list of things you aspire to do is a good way to start your year with motivation. But come to think of it, why not make a separate bucket list solely for your fitness goals? By doing so, you will have a very specific list that make you go healthier and fitter as you crossed-out an item [...]

Holiday Is Coming: Have Some Christmas-Themed Workout

Besides, workouts are repetitive and will come as boring more than before, especially during the season to be jolly. So, if you are starting to gain weight this season and you want a change to your current workout, try some Christmas-themed workout routine in addition to your diet and hcg shots!The Snow Angels (Plank Jacks) Maintain a plank position, with [...]

Twelve Foods for a Healthy Christmas

It is already a cliché to blame the holiday season for some extra pounds gained. Never make it an excuse to lose focus on your fitness goals and to gobble on anything you see on the dining table. That short span of negligence can waste all your exercise efforts, time spent at the gym, and your hcg shots. Christmas is just [...]

Getting The Most Out of Workout Day

Workout day may be scary or exciting, but you better know by now that there is no better time to start other than today. Get yourself away from laziness and follow these tips to make the most out of your workout day!On your workout day If you think your preparation should begin once you’re in the gym, you are wrong. [...]

Know Some Basics: An ABC of Fitness

There are countless information regarding fitness and health wherever you go. Some are too complex for a starter, but getting a good grasp of it will be beneficial in return. Before brawling over these thoughts, familiarize yourself on fitness with this ABC:Activities done The benefits you will get from engaging to physical activities and exercise go far beyond losing some weight. Physical [...]

Fitness Dilemma: Gaining Weight Without Knowing Why

You have been truly devoted to your fitness program. All throughout the week you’ve done the required number of exercise routine, got your HCG shots, eaten the recommended daily diet, and avoided all the nasty temptation around you, but YOU STILL GAINED WEIGHT. That wrong movement of the scale led you to frustration and the never-ending question of “What [...]

Celebrating Weight Loss Without Food

Are you one of the many people who love to celebrate a successful weight loss with a chocolate bar and pizza? Have you been spending your whole life rewarding yourself with food for every single achievement? It may be a lot of fun, but it’s going to be a daily struggle when you start getting in shape. Once you’ve [...]

Tips to Speed Up Recovery from Workout Injuries

Accidents happen all the time even if we try to keep ourselves safe. When we work out, it is likely that we can encounter injuries at some point in our routine. Though it may delay our fitness program, it is best for us to rest for a few days and let our injury heal instead of forcing ourselves. Luckily, [...]

The Perfect Food Intake for a Healthy Body

Being fit and being able to achieve a body figure that you like isn’t always about hitting the gym. Yes, you may be able to acquire what you seek but does it make you healthy? Eating habits and food consumption greatly affect the process.Practice eating heavy meals every morning Breakfast is by far the most important meal of the day. [...]

Making Exercise and Fitness Routine A Habit

Exercise is not just about you being obliged to perform fitness routines on a regular basis. It’s more of making it into a habit and do your best to stick with it. After all, majority of us actually tried it more than once. The question left is how can it be part of your daily life?Start good and make [...]

Lose Weight and Never Gain It Back

Anyone who has been on a diet knows how hard and challenging it is to lose a large amount of weight in a short span of time. The struggle is real, yet the success is highly satisfying simply because everything starts to fit perfectly. Sadly, only a few were able to maintain their figure. Most of the time, successful [...]

How to buy Bitcoin with Credit Card or Paypal

Bitcoin is a safe and viable alternative to paypal or credit card payments. It seems still hard these days to wrap the head around how it works, but there are more and more people opening bitcoin account and its quite easy once you tried. However it is NOW possible to purchase bitcoins online with a credit card if you [...]