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Andrew G. - Georgia

My well kept secret among colleagues and friends, that helped me build muscle and lose body-fat…


I have had great success using the hcg from!  Truth is, using these shots I don’t see how anyone could not lose the weight, especially when they stick to the 500 calorie diet.  But let me share my experience!


Every morning I would get up and pull out a syringe, a cleaning pad, and the drops.  I would get the recommended dosage and inject it right into my stomach while pinching my fat; all done before my coffee was made.  It was quite simple and most of the time didn’t even feel the shot.  Then I would drink my coffee with some splenda, and start my day.  Around lunch I might have an apple, and save most of my 500 calories for dinner.  Because the injections came with the B12, a few times a week I would squirt some in water if I felt I needed the energy.  Surprisingly, hunger pains don’t really bother me; as I would call it, my stomach feels empty but no pains.


By the second morning I had lost about 7 pounds, mostly water weight I am sure, but pounds come off steadily enough, about a pound a day.  I went from 198 to 169 in a matter of 32 days or so (using 2 month’s worth of the injections (I find they last about 17 days because always some liquid is left in the syringe, this need to dosage exactly).  That is about a pound a day.  I feel that if I have to diet anyways to lose weight, might at well go fast, and get it all off as fast as I can.  The hcg injections truly helped me reach my goal, and I keep them as a well kept secret, as most people don’t understand the diet, thinking it’s dangerous.  What works so well for me is that the injections only burn body fat.  The whole month I went to the gym daily, having energy to lift weights, and I feel like not only did I lose weight but surprisingly put on muscle.  This is what makes this experience so different, in my opinion.  Most diets you lose fat and a lot of muscle, but with the hcg diet injections I only lost fat while putting on muscle.


Now the thing I would point out to people, so that the weight lose remains down, is expect to reverse diet once you are done.  That means don’t go to maintenance calories right away, but slowly increase your calories back to maintenance; and that can take just as long as the diet itself.  But I have found that a year is approaching, I am currently at maintenance and have kept all but 30 pounds off.  I was rigid with reverse dieting, because I wanted to stay down and not make this a yo-yo diet.


All I can say is that I am extremely happy with the results, and might even use these injections again to get to about 10% bodyfat.

Andrew G. - Georgia

Judy Doney - Utah

My husband watched my try and fail with weight loss soo many times…


Subject: HCG Testimonial



HGC has been a major breakthrough for me with my life time of fighting weight and losing unwanted and unsightly pounds.


I went into this program at the encouragement of my husband who had watched me try and fail so many times to lose weight on programs running from A to Z.  I was well beyond just being discouraged, it was becoming really ridiculous.  I had resigned myself to a life of “extra” weight because I just had big bones with lots of cushion on them.


Today, after doing the HGC program, I am really a before and after picture.  I still have a hard time excepting who I see in the mirror.  I have lost 40 pounds (I am still loosing)  and have a figure once again.  I am so grateful!


Your product is absolute top of the line, in my opinion, and very effective. I have strongly recommended your product and program to several of my family and friends who are now on the program.  Everyone of them is showing good results and have made me a family hero.


Thank you for helping me find success and giving me a more healthy, happy life.



Judy P. Doney




PS:  My husband is taking me on a Mexican Cruise next month…..and I can wear a bathing suit!!

Judy Doney - Utah

Robin Bloom - CA

my energy levels came back and my motivation to do things again exploded!!

my hcg weight loss review

My Name is Robin Bloom from Southern California,
I learned about the HCG diet some time ago and even read a book on it. At the time I was suffering from hypothyroidism. When I read the book on it the book talked about how the HCG would resets the Hypothalamus and in-turn boosts Thyroid function, even though I wanted to lose the weight that I couldn’t get off I was more interested in feeling better. At the time all you could get was the pills, (which you can’t get anymore) but they worked. After many years of stress and trauma my thyroid has become low functioning again so my first thought was HCG!! thankfully I found this company and this has worked even better than the pills the first time. I lost 10 pounds in one week but even better than that my energy levels came back and my motivation to do things again exploded!! I have experienced much pain because of low Thyroid function and that pain has nearly disappeared!! I have also experienced mental clarity that I lost…yahoo!! I am a person who already is very health conscious and I eat very clean so I know it’s not just the diet!! I can’t express how thankful I am to you for providing this product, the B-12 is a wonderful addition to the HCG diet that I didn’t have before and makes such a difference!!

Thank you for all you help!!!
Robin Bloom

Robin Bloom - CA

Wendi Sams - SC

Lost 14 pounds in 60 days!


I extensively researched this product and companies to order it from before placing my order with It has very clear mixing/dosing instructions. All supplies are included. For the majority of the 60 days, I was not hungry and easily maintained around 500 calories/day. Some days I could not feel a difference or weight loss, but I just got over these and continued.  I cut the program by 2 days due to vacation. I wasn’t able to go to the really difficult last pounds but I’ll be starting this program again soon and will get to that. Happily and confidently recommend this product.


Since hitting 45 weight loss has become nearly impossible. But this really worked for me, and I did not get much frustrated. I lost 14lbs over 8 weeks, without going hungry or tired. And I kept the weight off for the last 6 weeks. I have already started recommending this product.


First I was put off by the injections, but after checking how easy it is I went for it. The prick is super tiny cause the needles are so thin and short. I was able to control my cravings very well, of course the fridge looked very inviting in the evenings but I had that bit of more control I don’t know.. drank a lot of liquids and sometimes a lot to cover the hunger before sleep, but it all paid off. The B12 shots filled me with additional energy,  I felt that in the mornings.


I have done a number of (other) hcg diets before and have had success with them, but always felt like I was suffering through them. Not this one! This particular protocol has more allowances on it, making it less harsh than other protocols. Yo-Yo did not set it much like other programs, since I also changed my diet in the long term. Now I usually eat only fruits, salads and vegetables after 8 and go to bed earlier. Steak days did nothing for me.


I finished the 2 month kit and lost 14 pounds. I did the HCG injections as well as the B12. Ordering was easy and shipped quickly. Feels crazy to think you can survive on 500cal, ok you can actually do about 800 and still get the results.. but the hunger was suppressed and that felt important to continue.


Now I have started the next stage of maintenance. After 3 weeks I will definitely do another round because I still have weight to lose. As someone who has been trying to lose weight for years I am telling you that this program really works.


Bottom line is I absolutely love this for resetting my body weight! I achieved my goal weight quickly, feel great, very light and energized!

Wendi Sams - SC