Getting Red-y: Why You Need Red Onions In Your Next Meal


The strong flavor and pungent smell of red onions makes them prone to be easily overlooked in the produce section. In fact, most people prefer its milder counterpart, the white onions, when it comes to adding flavor to their meals. But what you may not know is that red onions are the healthier options as they are packed with nutrients and antioxidants that compliment the weight loss benefits of your HCG shots. If you haven’t tried this rare vegetable, here are the reasons why you need to add red onions to your next meal.


Richest source of Quercetin

Most onion varieties are rich in quercetin, a potent antioxidant which helps lower bad cholesterol and fight asthma. Meanwhile, the distinct smell and flavor can be attributed to the high level of antioxidants it contains. Studies show that this antioxidant compound gives protection against cancer, allergies and heart diseases, while quercetin is responsible for reducing symptoms of bladder infection, as well as promoting prostate health for men.


Good for detox

Red onions have high organic sulfur content which is beneficial for the liver because it helps detoxify the body. These sulfur containing amino acids help flush out heavy metals such as mercury, chromium, lead and cadmium found in the body. And like many vegetables, eating onions help increase enzymes which helps enhance our body’s ability to eliminate carcinogens before they do any damage in the body.


Cardiovascular health

Eating red onions regardless if it is cooked or raw is beneficial for clearing blood clots and increase good cholesterol which help promote cardiovascular health. It also plays an important part in keeping the blood thin, as well as in lowering triglycerides and blood pressure levels.


Weight loss

100 grams of onions contain only 44 calories, and it mainly composed of complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. Its high water and fiber content increases satiety, which helps keep you feeling fuller for a longer period. Furthermore, red onions also help prevent bloating and constipation which helps improve the functioning of the digestive tract.


Red onions are healthy and safe to eat, regardless if you have them raw or incorporated in cooking your favorite meals. But when you do cook onions, it is good to remember to be careful when peeling off its outer layers because they contain high concentration of flavonoids which has anti-inflammatory, anti cancer and antiviral properties.

Tips On How To Be Healthy At Work


Trying to be healthy at work can be difficult because you spend most of the time sitting in front of your desk. Also, uncontrollable stress levels can interfere the effects of HCG shots. But your hectic work schedule can be easily manageable if you:


Learn to manage stress

Stress eating is inevitable, especially if you have a demanding job. Juggling several roles and responsibilities can be exhaustive, both physically and emotionally, which is nothing to be worried about. However, in order to become a productive worker, you must learn how to properly manage your stress without resorting to unhealthy habits such as stress eating, and the like. One way to beat stress is to do things you enjoy every once a while, such as reading a good book, gardening or just discovering a new hobby you can use as a breather.


Eat breakfast

You may be expected to arrive to work on time, but that does not mean that you have skip the most important meal of the day. Get yourself energized for the day and avoid morning hunger by having a big healthy breakfast before going to work. Porridge and oatmeal topped with fresh fruits are great slow energy releasing foods. But if you’re on the go, a bar of homemade granola can do the trick.


Keep overtime to a minimum

Sometimes in our pursuit to get the job done, we tend to put our health into second priority. You may not be aware of it until you reach a certain stress level wherein your immune system gets impaired, having a hard time getting a sound sleep, and having difficulty to concentrate.


The key factor to maintaining good health, even in the most demanding and stressful environment, is self awareness. Avoid getting burned out by having a clear differentiation of when to take breaks and when to go on a vacation. Stress interferes with the weight loss process and counteracts the slimming effects of your HCG shots, making your body put on weight.


Finding the right balance between work and a healthy lifestyle can go a long way. Know your limits and do the best you can to stay in shape, despite your hectic schedule and working arrangement. Being hardworking does not mean that you have to sacrifice your health. Instead, your career should be your motivation to be more careful with how you handle your well being, both physically and emotionally.


Making Healthier Food Choices With HCG Shots


In most weight loss programs, your diet is the first thing that is given utmost attention, and HCG is no different. Good nutrition, coupled with taking HCG shots regularly, are key to making your weight loss program work more effectively.


Changing your eating habits can be difficult, especially if you have a physically demanding lifestyle. Setting realistic goals that give significant consideration to your lifestyle and schedule can motivate you to follow your regimen. Focusing on making small changes in your diet and routine can make your program more manageable and easier to follow.


Things to consider

Before starting any weight loss program that require you to take HCG shots, make sure to consult with an expert. Doctors and dietitians can prescribe you with a complimenting weight loss diet that will not compromise your health.


Questions to ask you doctor

  • How many servings should I eat from each food group?

  • If I’m on a strict diet, how can I improve my health?

  • Will my diet adversely affect my health condition (if you have any)


Committing to a healthier diet helps you reduce the risk of certain conditions. These include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and cancer. If you are weary about changing your diet, you can do it slowly, gradually reducing the servings of each meals into healthier amounts and switching food that contain unsaturated fats with saturated ones. Your HCG shots may help you reduce the extra weight, but it is still up to you and how you manage your diet that will make your program effective and safe.


Three Body Types And How They Affect Your Weight Loss Journey

body-type-buy-hcg-onlineImage courtesy of Fitness & Power

A lot of people complain that despite buying hcg online, they are still unable to lose weight as fast and as easy as they expect. While some people have a harder time shedding their extra weight, some have a harder time gaining and maintaining some pounds. So to better understand how you can lose weight the healthier and easier way, you must first understand your body build and how your metabolism sheds and gains weight before starting any weight loss program.


People of this body type are built to gain only very little weight, regardless of the amount of food they eat. Known to be the most resistant to weight gain because of fast metabolism, ectomorphs have little observable body fat, lightly muscled, and have a small frame.

Ectomorphs are more often able to eat much without having to worry about gaining too much weight. They need a large amount of calories to gain weight, and workouts must be short and intense, focusing on large muscle groups.


A stark contrast to ectomorphs, endomorphs are built to more naturally curvy because they have a larger bone structure. Their fuller figures can be attributed to the fact that they have a more difficult time keeping your body fat percentage in check. Commonly regarded as “pear shaped”, endomorphs are adept in storing fuel, with muscle and fat concentrated on the body.

But just because you are built to be an endomorph and have a hard time shedding the excess weight, it doesn’t mean that you are cursed to becoming obese. You can keep the risk of being overweight at bay by being more conscious of what you eat, and to ensure that you make exercise a part of your daily routine. High intensity weight training are perfect for endomorphs such as HIIT, Cross-Fit, weight training and moderate endurance training.


Among the three, mesomorphs are the ones who are the most evenly built. They lose and gain weight more easily, are able to build muscles more quickly, and usually boast and upright posture. This is caused by the high testosterone and and growth hormone levels in their system.

Because they tend to gain weight easily, mesomorphs must watch their calorie intake more closely. For training, focus on the moderate routines such as plyometrics, pilates or yoga. A more progressive exercise regimen that focus on strength workouts, increasing your power without getting too bulky. You must also eat good quality fats with moderate carbohydrates, coupling it with protein and amino acid intake.

You must understand that there is no clean cut classification for each body type. They can overlap, depending on your metabolism and where fats go when you gain weight. Metabolism slows down as we age, so you cannot stay in one body type forever.  Before you buy hcg online, you must first understand what your body type is because it’s instrumental in hastening or impeding your weight loss efforts.



Cooking Habits That Sabotage Your HCG Shots


Sometimes it’s your day to day routine that makes your HCG shots work slower than it should. The most crucial factor of your diet is how you prepare your meals. Unknowingly, traditional cooking methods employ the use too much preservatives and flavorings. Naturally the end products that you will be consuming will be packed in fat, sugar and calories.


Here are some cooking habits that sabotage your HCG shots you may be guilty of:


Using too much oil

Almost all of the tastiest dishes call for fat; either cooking oil, or butter. While some recipes call for exact amounts of oil in their ingredients, more often than not do we just drizzle it until the oil coats the pan.  It’s always a good idea to use a measuring spoon when drizzling oil, but what if you don’t have it in your pantry? The best substitute is an ordinary tablespoon and swirl it around until your pan is coated.


To break the habit, use nonstick cooking pans instead so you will not have to use too much oil, or use lesser amount of oil. When cooking, use healthier choices such as olive oil and canola oil because they are high in monounsaturated fats.


Measuring ingredients by the eye

Either we don’t have the right measuring equipment, or we are simply too lazy to get a measuring cup of spoon, we more often than not measure ingredients by the eye. Overestimating ingredients that are rich in calories such as pasta, oil and meat can increase the calorie count of your meal.


Making too much food

Taking your hcg shots can modify your appetite by making your feel full most of the time. Practically speaking, making too much food is a waste, both for the time and money you have investment on your meal. Unless you can freeze your leftovers for another time, try to make recipes that you can consume on one sitting without overfeeding yourself. That way, you won’t be tempted to eat more than a serving.


“Tasting” too much

Sure, we want the food we will eat and serve our family to be savory and delicious. While it’s easy to munch on nuts as we prepare our meal, doing so will also pack our bodies with all that unnecessary calories.


So how can you prevent this? The answer is actually simple: don’t cook on an empty stomach. Have a light snack before preparing your ingredients to combat the temptation to pick on your ingredients.


Using ready made sauces

While they are convenient when we want to cook dinner for the family on a busy weekday, ready made sauces are packed with artificial flavoring and preservatives that do nothing to contribute to achieving a healthy weight. These sauces are high in fat, salt, preservatives and additives.


Break the habit by planning and cooking your meals ahead of time. By keeping your pantry stocked with fresh ingredients, you won’t have to resort to using ready made sauces to make your meals scrumptious. Not only are they healthier, sauces made from scratch also cost less than the ready made ones sold in the supermarket.


But if you’re one of the many others who cannot cook a decent meals without slaving in the kitchen for an entire day, it’s fine if you use ready made sauces from time to time. Just don’t forget to be mindful of the ingredients used to make these sauces.

Sticking to the same menu

You know what they say: if it works, it’s good for you. But this rule does not necessarily apply to your diet. Sticking to the same meals everyday limits the population of good bacteria living in our digestive system. Those bacteria are important in weight loss as they are responsible for controlling hunger, fullness and blood sugar levels.


The road to reaching a healthier weight begins with your eating habits. How you prepare your meals, what you put in them can make or break your diet. With processed food being prevalent in the food market today, it’s best that you prepare your own meals at home, using fresh ingredients. That way, you are in control of what flavors and serving sizes will enter your system.