6 Surprising Reasons Why You Are Not Losing Weight

When you are too focused on the end result of your diet, which is to lose weight, you tend to overlook at things that may have a huge effect while you’re taking HCG injections. Chances are, you are not losing weight because of these seemingly innocuous habits and conditions that actually regress your weight loss effort.

You are Not Tracking Your Protein Intake

Protein is the most important nutrient for losing weight. Make sure you consume enough protein, especially when you’re lowering your calorie intake. In fact, eating protein at 25-30% of calories can boost metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. However, the total amount of protein consumed depends on your body weight. For female, the recommended is 1-1.2 grams of protein per pound of body and 1-1.5 grams per pound for male.

You Don’t Eat Breakfast

Skipping breakfast or any meal may seem like a great way to reduce calories. But skipping meals, especially breakfast, isn’t advisable if you’re trying to lose weight.  Eating breakfast improves your metabolism and helps you stay energized throughout the day. In fact, people who are on a diet must eat breakfast to lose weight fast. Just make sure to include protein and fiber in your morning meals.

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Aside from keeping you hydrated, drinking water regularly aids weight loss.  A study proves that people who drink half a liter of water 30 minutes before meals lose 44% more weight than those who don’t. Drinking water before meals also helps control food consumption. Likewise, eating food that contains a lot of water such as fruits and vegetables can fill you up faster, resulting to less food consumption.

You Have a Medical Condition

All efforts you exert in losing weight may come futile when you have a medical condition that’s making you gain weight. Among these conditions include: allergies, diabetes, hypertension, menopause, asthma and many more. If you are taking medication for any of these illnesses, consult with your doctor before starting on a diet plan.

You Are Not Getting Enough Sleep

Getting a good sleep will help your body respond well on your weight loss routines and exercises. Quite the contrary when you deprive yourself of some shuteye, your hunger and fullness hormones, including ghrelin and leptin, will flare up. Ghrelin signals your brain when it’s time to eat. So when you lack sleep, your body makes more ghrelin. On the other hand, leptin signals your brain to eat less, so not getting enough sleep can drop the leptin levels. When your body produces more ghrelin and less leptins due to lack of sleep, the result can lead to overeating and gaining extra pounds.

You Sit All Day

According to University of Missouri-Columbia’s study, sitting for a few hours causes the body to stop producing lipase: a fat-restraining enzyme. If your job requires you to sit at a desk 8 to 9 hours every day, remind yourself to stand up after every hour and take a short walk. Tip is, walk for 2 minutes every hour; it can actually burn 59 calories a day, according to the recent research from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

To avoid putting all your weight loss efforts in vain, make sure your health and lifestyle match your diet plan. Good luck!

Role of Water in HCG Diet Plan

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It’s important to understand how water impacts diet plans, most especially while taking HCG injections. As a matter of fact, drinking plenty of water is one of the most essential task for people who follow a certain diet plans. Did you know why? Because it helps you lose weight quickly. Here’s how it works:

Alternatives for Carbohydrates
HCG diet requires a low a calorie and carbohydrates consumption. When carbohydrates intake is restricted, the body uses storage form of carbohydrates for fuel. Water aids in processing stored carbohydrates for a faster metabolism. As a result, your body will avoid dehydration. A dehydrated body slow downs its metabolism.

Proper Digestion
Water is a necessary contributor  for a proper metabolism and helps to control appetite.  Not drinking enough water can confuse signals between thirst and hunger. Keeping your body hydrated will help reduce the urge of eating excessively that may lead to straying away from the diet plan.

Helps Release Toxic
Since the goal of HCG diet plan is to lose body fat quickly. Drinking enough water helps release a large number of toxic substances that were stored in the body’s fat cells. Toxins are processed by the liver and will be flushed out of the body. With the help of water, the liver will do its job in properly dissolving toxins, and freeing the body from toxins is essential to lose fats.

Water Helps the Diet
Because salt is not restricted in HCG, people might be tempted  to add more salt into their food for more flavor. And when sodium levels increases, the body retains water. Drinking more water will stabilize the body’s sodium level.

Water takes up 60% of our body. Thus, it is essential to keep that level of hydration for us to function well and stay healthy.

Approved HCG Diet Program Foods With Calorie Count

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Following your HCG diet program can be hard at times. You need to constantly check your weight which includes monitoring your calorie intake. Once you buy HCG online, you should start improving your lifestyle to achieve your desired result. Here’s a list of HCG approved foods that you can try in your next meal.


Here’s your source of protein;

Chicken breast(86g) – 86 calories
Ground Beef (95% Lean) – 116 calories
Buffalo Meat (85g) – 84 Calories
Crab (85g) – 73 calories
Shrimp (100 g) – 99 calories
Lobster (100 g) – 89 calories
Crayfish (85g) – 74 calories
Veal (28 g) – 37 calories
Whitefish – (85 g)146 calories


Apple (Medium-sized, 182 g) – 95 calories
Lemon (1 fruit-84 g) – 24 calories
Strawberries (medium) – 4 calories
Orange (medium – 131 g) – 62 calories
Blueberries (100 g) – 57 calories
Raspberries (100 g) – 53 calories

Vegetables (This can be added to your salad and can be eaten raw)

Celery (1 strip or 4 g) – 1 calorie
Spinach (1 leaf or 10 g) – 2 calories
Fennel ( 1 cup or 87 g) – 27 calories
Cucumber (0.5 cup slice or 52 g) – 8 calories
Asparagus (1 cup or 134 g) 27 calories
Swiss chard (1 leaf or 48 g) – 9 calories
Beets (1 cup or 136 g) – 59 calories
Onions (medium 0 110 g) – 44 calories
Shallot (1 chopped or 10 g) – 7 calories
Chicory Greens – (1 cup) 7 calories
Asparagus (1 cup or 134 g) – 27 calories
Tomatoes (1 large or 182 g) – 32 calories
Cauliflower (1 cup or 107 g) – 27 calories
Cabbage (1 cup or 89 g) – 22 calories

You can add a little more flavor by adding low calorie salad dressing such as mustard with 3 calories in 1 tsp, natural herb and spices, salt, and pepper.


Cottage cheese (100 g) – 98 calories
Goat’s Milk (30.5 g) – 21 calories
Egg (Large and boiled) – 78 calories


Herbal and fruit teas )100 g) – 37 calories
Water – No calories
Fresh Lemon Juice (1 glass) – 12 calories
Grapefruit Juice (1 glass) – 39 calories


Melba Toast (1 toast or 5 g) – 20 calories
Wheat Bread (1 slice 14 28) 60 calories
Whole Wheat Crackers (1 piece or 0.69 g) – 18 calories
Oatmeal (100g) – 68 calories
Cereals (1 serving or 29 g) – 110 calories

You can mix and match those foods and cook the foods you desired. Always take note of the calories listed above and follow the restriction in your diet.

Good luck!

10 Signs That You Are Doing Excessive Workouts

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One of the effective ways to make HCG Injections more successful is by adding a consistent exercise routine. However, because of your urge to lose weight right away, you take exercising very seriously which can worn out your muscles. At this point, your body might be reaching the point of overtraining and you may now feel something unusual lately such as pain, trouble sleeping and more.

Watch out for the following signs below and slow down before you experience serious injuries.

Muscle Soreness
Having sore muscles for a day or two is normal after workout but if you still feel the same way after the 72-hour mark, might as well schedule a break and rest for a while. The extended soreness is a sign that your muscles aren’t recovering well which has a negative impact on your muscle building efforts.

Having Trouble in Sleeping
If you overtrain yourself, there is a chance that your nervous and hormonal system will be disturbed making you feel sleepless, restless, and unable to focus. When you exercise too much, you are sending out stress hormones which promotes insomnia. Aside from this, overtraining also make people more tired than normal.

You Can’t Finish Normal Workouts Anymore
When you are overtrained, you cannot do the workouts that you are used to do before. If you are getting weaker, slower and you feel that your stamina is deteriorating despite of the regular exercise you’ve been doing, you need to lessen your workout time.

Decreased Motivation
If you used to go to gym for almost all of the time then suddenly feel disinterested, you are probably overexerting yourself in exercising. Now, your mind is telling you that you need to rest because you’re doing it too much. Listen to your body and take a rest.

Depression/Mental Stress
A health benefit of exercising includes improving of mental health, but doing it too much could have the opposite effect. When you’re working out, you have a goal. And because of not achieving that goal due to overtraining, you will lose focus and motivation and will lead to mental stress and even depression.

Menstrual Cycle Disturbances in Women
Excessive exercising may disrupt woman’s menstrual cycle. Some may experience irregular menstrual periods while others will totally disrupt and halt their menstrual cycle.

You feel drained after working out
One exciting benefit of working out is the post-workout feeling. It is a feeling of being relaxed, refreshed and energized. But if you exceed the work out limits of your body, you will feel irritable, uncomfortable and moody. Proper exercise should lift up your mood, if you’re feeling the opposite, it might be time to take a rest.

Getting Injured More Often
Are you getting more injuries and even experiencing recurrence of pain from old physical traumas? Then, you are again overtraining. When you overtrain, your body doesn’t have enough time to recover which only worsens your injuries. Allow yourself to have rest periods in your exercise routine or maybe changing your routine to a lighter workout.

Getting Sick More Often
Because of your lack of sleep, mental stress, and body pains, you become more sickly. It’s your body’s message to let you know that your immune system is getting weak or suffering from the stress of the overtraining. Take a rest and let your immune system recover.

Changes in Appetite
Other signs of overtraining include changes in appetite. Your hunger or desire to eat decreases while there are instances that you feel hungry more often than normal. If you feel unusual regarding your appetite that you used to have before working out, you’re experiencing overtraining.

Before every workout, it’s important to know the real motives behind training. Plan your workout routines properly, don’t overdo it. Take your time and take good care of our body.

Beyond HCG Shots: Tips for Happier, Healthier & Better Life

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HCG Shots help us have slimmer and fitter body. However, all other aspects of achieving a happier, healthier, and better life boils down to our perspective; how we think, move, and react to our environment. Below are some tips that will help us let go and focus on the things that deeply matters.

Tips for Happiness

1. Smile often. Don’t put too much time in your problems that are not even there yet.
2. Don’t stress yourself. Workload, school, and stress will always be there and there will always be ways to deal with them properly.
3. Focus on the present. Don’t live from mistakes you committed in the past. Learn from them.
4. Surround yourself with positive people. They will help you to have a positive outlook in life, too.
5. Give time for yourself. Provide time for travelling and relaxing. You deserve it.
6. Follow the passion you love. Don’t force yourself to do things you don’t like. Just do what you love.
7. Don’t please people. You can’t force everyone to like you. Let them love for who you truly are.
8. Stop comparing. We all have strengths and weaknesses. We are special in our own unique ways.
9. Be contented. Always be grateful of what you have. We are all blessed in our own way.
10. Dream big and have that big confidence for yourself. You’re the only person who can help yourself up.

Tips for Health

1. Switch to a healthy lifestyle. Eating more fruits and vegetables. Say no to processed food.
2. Exercise. Do daily workouts. It can be in your bed, sofa or in the chair while watching TV. No excuses.
3. Engage in different activities. It can be badminton, volleyball, biking, camping or hiking. Move and have fun.
4. No to stress. Stress can affect your health as well. Move away from it as much as you can.
5. Walk more, less sitting. Always move your body and avoid resting too much for a long time.
6. Be physically fit. Look good and feel good.
7. Hydrate. Drink 6-8 glasses of water per day. Always keep a bottle of water.
8. Get enough rest. Don’t put too much time at night doing me-time which ends up in sleeping late. Lack of sleep may lead to many health problems.
9. Be conscious about the food you eat. Research and read about the nutritional value of foods you consumed.
10. Know your health limits. It’s not bad to have a cheat-day sometimes, but always take note about its limits.

Better Life Tips

1. Never stop learning. It’s a continuous process. Everyday, we learn.
2. Never judge. Allow people to live the life they wanted. Be happy for them.
3. Learn to say no. It’s not a yes all the time. Think first before approving.
4. Make time for friends and family. They are the ones who will bring the best in you. Spend more time with people who matter.
5. Let go of the people that hurt you. Because you deserve to be treated better.
6. Be confident. Trust yourself. You can do it if you believe.
7. Don’t be affected in what people might say about you. Other people will always say something about you. But you know yourself better than anyone else so why bother.
8. Get out of your comfort zone. Explore and let yourself improve. Take risks and spread your wings.
9. Enjoy every moment. Time is precious so appreciate every moment life has to offer.
10. Find and live your purpose. Follow your heart and you will never regret a moment.

It feels good to know that we can improve our lives just by doing the things that we love. Have a happy and healthy life!