Why Detox is Essential for HCG Diet

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detox for good hcg diet

Why Detox is Essential for HCG Diet

Being overweight makes someone feel sluggish and irritated. Moreover, it contributes to skin problems, body pains and digestive disorders. When someone is planning to lose weight, he/she should undergo a body detox.

Body detox is the process of cleaning, revitalizing and relaxing your body from inside and out. It removes and eliminates the toxins of the body so it can function to absorb nutrients later on. When talking about HCG Diet, dieters often ask if they need to undergo the process of detoxification before buying HCG.

If you’re getting ready for your diet journey, then this article is for you. So read on as it discusses the importance of detoxification for the said diet regimen.

Detox and HCG diet is better together

Here’s the thing, you can’t proceed with HCG diet without enduring the process of detoxification because you will just make your body prone to increased toxins and decrease immune system functionality. Meaning, your body will not have the capability to adjust to drastic changes like the reset of the hypothalamus if you will not detox.

How Detox is done in HCG Diet?

When detoxifying for HCG diet, it is important to clean the colon. There are different colon cleansers like psyllium husks, acai berry juice and chi-chi nuts that are available in health food stores and pharmacies. This is to flush out toxins and additives found when eating fatty foods.

Another alternative is drinking a lot of water, preferably lukewarm water because it purifies and clears out the pathways of the bloodstream. On the other hand, adding a lemon can also help improve digestion and boost mineral absorption.

Ideally, a person who undergoes this diet should consume one half to one gallon per day. It does not only cleanse your intestine, it also helps you feel full. Sodas and other sweet beverages are not allowed because this will kill your metabolism.

What will happen if you’ll take HCG without detox?

Taking HCG without detox is pointless because it means that you are spending money on a short term fix. If you want this diet to show a desirable outcome, then you will have to complete body system restoration. It is better to include detox in your diet plan so you can see the long-term effects of the program to your weight loss.

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