How To Start HCG Diet Plan?

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How To Start HCG Diet Plan?

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Nowadays, taking a weight loss supplement is one of the most common methods to get your desired body. However, HCG Injections or HCG Shots is becoming more popular due to its fast and recognizable results.

But before you start any diet plan, you need to fully understand what is it all about, its formulation, and even its restrictions. This article will help you learn about HCG because we believe that it’s important that you do your assignment carefully before you consuming anything in your body.

What is HCG?
Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG is a hormone being produced during women’s pregnancy. It is produced by cells formed in the placenta that nourishes the egg after it has been fertilized. HCG is often used as a treatment of infertility for females to help ovulation. For men, HCG acts to increase low testosterone levels.

What is HCG Diet?
It is a weight loss program developed by the british endocrinologist, Dr. ATW Simeons. Dr. Simeons first published a report about HCG in 1954, while he was practicing in Rome, Italy. He pioneered the theory of HCH to help people lose weight in the various parts of the body.

What involves in the Diet Plan?
The HCG diet plan involves taking dosage of HCG Hormone. It can be injections or shots while following a strict calorie diet ranging from 500 calories to 1200 depending on the procedures being followed.

How to start the HCG Diet
Once you fully understand HCG diet, you may start with the following:

  •  Choose your HCG Provider
    Purchase HCG Injections on the most reliable source. You can check reviews to prove that it provides a legitimate and effective HCG injections and HCG shots.
  • Plan Your Exercise Routine
    Exercise is one great factor in your HCG diet plan and overall health. Plan and stick to it.
  • Plan your HCG Menu
    Be prepared of your HCG-diet friendly foods. Be strict by cautiously counting the calories of the food you consume.
  • Face the Challenges
    Avoid temptations and cheat days. Keep away from situations that triggers you to disobey your diet plan. Be strong!
  • Reward Yourself
    This does not imply eating whatever food you desire. Rewards can be in a form of shopping spree, a weekend getaway, and other fun activities other than eating and breaking your diet.

Foods you should eat during the first phase of your diet plan
While using HCG Injections, it’s important to have sufficient nutrients in your body. Here are the foods that you can include in your diet plan;

For Protein:
– White Fish
– Shrimp
– Lean Beef
– Egg Whites
– Chicken
– Crab

– Celery
– Spinach
– Cucumbers
– Green Salad
– Broccoli
– Mixed Greens
– Onions
– Cauliflower
– Cucumbers

– Oranges
– Apples
– Lemons
– Strawberries
– Blueberries

Sample one-day food for HCG Diet Plan

Breakfast – Tea with one fruit
Lunch – 100 grams of protein, 1 vegetable, 1 fruit.
Dinner – same as lunch.

General Reminders for Keeping HCG

– One HCG 5000 IU can provide daily injections for 25 days.
– HCG Vials can be stored in refrigerator UNMIXED. But remember to store them in the fridge once mixed.
– When mixed up, it will be good for 1 month.
– As much as possible, mix only the HCG vial that you need to use immediately and keep other vials unmixed until needed.
– DO NOT reuse insulin needles, they are for single use only.
– Always sanitize the top of every bottle with alcohol swabs before mixing and drawing liquids.

Prescription for HCG Injections
Generally, prescription is required to order HCG. But, ihcginjection’s approach is different. Customers can order REAL and LEGIT HCG Injections without prescription. The company is cooperating with international Pharmacies that can ship the orders out. It can be received in your doorsteps legally with no other fees to pay such as doctor’s fee, consultation or an issuing pay of prescription.

Remember to take note all the written information before taking HCG injections. It’s always better to be prepared and aware, most especially when it comes to your health and body.


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