My order got declined / I do not get to the point where i have to enter my Visa details.

We are using a payment processor to handle the payments. They have their own filters in place and may decline or accept a transaction without any influence from our side. Often these filters react sensitively to identify potential card fraud, but you can follow the points below to minimized your order getting declined.

General guidelines:

1. This is an international transaction, the processing bank may be in Asia or Europe. Many (USA) banks block this for security reasons. Call to your bank and inform them the charge was intended. This is a very common payment problem. After informing your card issuing bank place your order again.

2. Make sure you Credit Card has enough coverage for the purchase.

3. Use a common email domain, like yahoo/hotmail/gmail, to register on our website (less likely to get flagged)

4. In case your card was issued in the USA then your actual location from where you place your order, should be there as-well, or our payment processor may filter it as fraud (IP address must match country)

5. Prepaid or gift cards may not work. Use a full credit card.

6. Enter your Card number without any spaces or hyphen.