Benefits Of HCG Injections

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benefits of hcg injections

Benefits Of HCG Injections

You probably have heard about the famous HCG diet. This breakthrough diet program has already helped thousands achieve the weight they desperately want. Human Chorionic Gonadotropin has the power to eliminate fat cells while on a calorie restricted diet. The body will retain lean muscle without taking nutrition from other cells. Because of this, the body will take from fat stores which results to weight loss. Here are the other benefits of HCG injections:

High Metabolism

One of the benefits of HCG diet program is getting high metabolism. Growth hormone levels can increase your metabolism. This means that you can burn more calories than you do before which leads to weight loss.

Increased Testosterone Levels For Men

According to reports, men who participated in the HCG program have seen an  improvement in their muscle growth and virility. HCG has a big similarity with LH (Luteinizing Hormone) released by pituitary gland. LH is responsible for signalling the testicles to produce testosterone. This hormone is extremely similar to the chemical makeup HCG. The only difference is LH is only active during sleep so if you are always sleep deprived, you might suffer from low release of this hormone. With HCG, you can have a healthy testosterone count even if you have no time to sleep.

It Helps Preserve Muscle

During your calorie restriction period, your muscles are being preserved while you lose weight. This is one of the many advantages of HCG diet program. Many diets fail due to lost fat and muscle. When you lose muscle, your metabolism decreases which makes it hard for you to keep and lose your weight.

Hunger Pains No More

Participants have no experience of hunger pains while they are on a strict calorie restriction diet. This is due to the appetite suppressant activity released by HCG hormone. Not feeling hungry all the time increases success of the diet plan.


Compared to expensive weight loss treatments, HCG diet program is much affordable and effective. One of the most important benefits of this diet is there is no residual weight gain even after you stop injecting HCG. You can now enjoy sensible eating without worrying about your weight.


HCG injections have been used for weight loss for over 50 years. Dieters, physicians, and experts also agree that HCG is a safe and effective low calorie diet. Additionally, this diet plan continues to receive positive reviews and results from participants. However, it is still important to consult your prescribing physician while you are on this diet.

Achieving a fit body is not just about physical appearance. It is also about being healthy and living a good lifestyle. So when you decide to lose weight, make sure that you do it in a healthy way. HCG injections can help you achieve the weight that you desire without sacrificing your health.

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