HCG diet tips

Healthy Morning Foods To Take With Your HCG Injections

A good breakfast is the perfect start to your day. A nutritious, well-balanced breakfast will provide you the energy you need and prevent you from overeating throughout the day. If you are taking HCG injections, it is also important that you consume healthy foods for your diet. The following are some of the healthiest foods you can enjoy for breakfast:Eggs Eggs are [...]

Four Workout Mistakes You May Be Making Right Now

Maintaining a healthy figure seems easy enough. All you need to do it to take your HCG shots, eat clean and exercise on a regular basis. For many, a healthy regimen simply includes going to the gym, do some squats and call it a day. But did you know that what seems to be a systematic routine can get you [...]

4 Ways to Keep a Healthy Weight Aside From Buying HCG Online

Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight needs long term commitment, regardless if it’s gaining a few pounds, or trimming down to a healthier figure. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve your ideal weight overnight. Rather, it is the fruit of dedication, hardwork and discipline. Paying attention to what you eat, and maintain a healthy routine which includes regular exercise are a [...]

Making your HCG Shots More Effective With Food that Burn Slowly

Carbs, starch, carbohydrates. No matter how they care called, this food group has gathered quite a bad reputation to fitness enthusiasts and the health conscious alike. What most of us don’t realize is that carbohydrates are built different from each other, each with its own effect on our body. If you are weight conscious, or on the way to gaining [...]

How Eating Healthy Can Make Your HCG Shots Work More Effectively

Taking your HCG shots can help you lose more weight along with a healthy diet. Eating healthy can also help you shed weight the healthier way, here are more benefits your body will reap from a healthy diet: You’ll have healthy gums and teeth Sugar is bad for you--especially for your teeth. Cutting down the sugar and other sweets help prevent [...]

How to keep yourself fit

Shedding off the weight is easy, it's keeping yourself fit that is challenging. Just because you are losing weight using hcg shots , it doesn't mean you don't have to keep a balanced diet and a healthy routine. Here are some tips on how you can keep yourself fit:Eat your breakfast Whoever said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day knew what [...]

Healthier Alternatives to White Rice

White rice is a good source of fiber that most of the people choose to put into their plates in any time of the day whenever they find themselves hungry or craving. But aside from the health benefits of rice, there are different alternatives that can give same amount of vitamins and minerals. When you purchase HCG injections and decided [...]

How To Lose Belly Fat

One common problem of people trying to lose weight is how to overcome the belly fat. Sometimes, no matter how hard they try to exert effort, those belly fat is still popping out like they will be in your body for your entire life. Fat inside belly can considered as harmful because of the tendency for diabetes or even heart [...]

Home Remedies to Remove Unwanted Cellulite

Do you feel like wearing something sexy this summer, but your cellulites don’t seem to agree with you? Well, you are not alone on this one. Different women all around the world also experience this dilemma and cellulite has become one of the main reasons why they can’t wear anything they want. Well, the good news is that there [...]

How Important is Stretching?

One of the things that often get overlooked in doing fitness routines is stretching. While it may not be the key to lose weight, here are some of the things you need to know why it should be important too.It improves your flexibility. We may not notice but when we don’t stretch, reaching out seems harder because our range of [...]

Reasons to Add Fruits in Your Everyday Meals

When we say snacks, most of us would think of junk foods like chips, fries, donuts, and others that aren’t healthy for our health. However, fruits can also be considered as snacks - one of the healthiest substitute for your hourly cravings. Here are some reasons why:It helps lower calorie-intake. Since you will be replacing the usual unhealthy snacks with [...]

Tips to Have a Diet-Friendly Holiday

This holiday is one of the most challenging season for the people who are on a strict diet. With all the foods on the table, surely, resisting the temptation to indulge yourself will be difficult for some. However, like what the old saying goes: If there’s a will, there’s a way. You don’t have to sacrifice a year of [...]

How to Eat Smart This Christmas Season?

Some people automatically expect themselves to gain weight after the holiday season is over. However, maintaining our weight this holiday season will be an easy thing to do if we only learn to eat smart. With some will, motivation, and discipline, this is a possible thing to accomplish as we end this year with a blast.Find substitutes We’re referring to [...]

Maintain Your Weight This Holiday

One of the most anticipated seasons every year is the holiday season. This is when we can take a break from our work, share the love to other people, and savor the holiday vibe. This is also the time when people receive, not only gifts, but also extra numbers on the scale! As challenging as it may sound, maintaining [...]

Tips to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

That one day in every year where we have an excuse to indulge ourselves - Thanksgiving, it is! Some of us tend to end up going home with an added weight on our waists and unfortunately, even add more as Christmas and New Year comes. Luckily, we can always avoid this scenario by eating healthy during those events.   Use healthy [...]

Healthy Toppings for Your Oatmeal

When we need to lose weight, we always look for those that are rich in fiber because it helps us feel fuller in a longer period of time. One of the foods that we turn to is oatmeal. It contains insoluble fiber that helps maintain weight because it prevents overeating during the day. But for those who want to [...]

Natural Substitutes for Your Sugar Cravings

Having a strong appetite for sweets is not really easy to manage. When the foods you want to eat are adding up to the numbers on the scale. Surely, you are torn between resistance and giving in to the temptation. However, mother nature has given us natural substitutes for our sugar cravings that will help you eliminate using the [...]

How to Shrink Your Waistline

When your jeans don’t fit anymore and the numbers on the scale seem higher than usual, that’s when you decide maybe it’s time to shrink down your waistline. However, this is easier said than done with more restaurants opening along the street tempting you to eat. To add up to this is our lifestyles of working for hours in [...]

Waist-friendly Foods to Snack on

Admit it or not, some of us can’t go through the day without munching and snacking on our favorite foods. Sadly, as much as these snacks add up to our daily pleasures, it also adds up to our waistlines only to ruin our weight loss efforts. But worry no more because the world has a lot of foods to [...]

Tips to Plan Your Meal

Your pursuit to lose weight will only be wasted when you don’t balance your diet and exercise efforts. No matter how many crunches and push-ups you do to at tain a flat tummy, if you don’t restrict yourself from eating unhealthy foods, then you’ll always end up with fats on unnecessary places. As the saying goes, if you always [...]

How to Get Rid of Your Flabby Arms?

Aside from stomach and legs, arms have the tendency to get flabby and wiggly due to aging and, of course, excess fat. This situation is common for women of all sizes. Even those who are not really overweight but because they don’t work out either, there’s a possibility to be “skinny fat” because the body is not toned. Now, [...]

Herbs and Spices That Will Help You Lose Weight

Going on a diet is not always easy for all of us. Typically, you have to sacrifice all the tasty foods you’re used to eating. Most of the times you’ll feel like you are just eating a tasteless meal. Luckily, there are herbs and spices you can always add to boost some flavor in your dish and what’s more [...]

Why You Can’t Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

If getting a six-pack abs is easy, everybody would probably have it. Unfortunately, you have to work hard to attain it and even before you get your dream abs, you have to get rid of your belly fat and have a flat tummy first. But have you ever wondered why after all the things you’ve done, you still haven’t [...]

How to Stop Cheating on Your Diet

It’s alright. We’ve been there before, we’ve done it too. We all know that it is never easy to refuse to those cravings. There are days when chocolates, cheesy burger, and pizza are hard to resist -- sad to say, these days actually end up to be everyday. But there’s no need to worry when you’re really determined to [...]

No-Bulk Workout for Women

One of the common myths about fitness is that women will bulk up when they lift weights. This is utter nonsense. Women will not gain muscles like how men do because of the hormones called testosterones and differences in muscle fibers. Unless you are using steroids, then you will really grow like Hulk. But if you still want to [...]

How to Make Your Meals Healthy?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. If you want to satisfy your cravings for pizza, ice cream, or bacon, surely you can find a way to do so. The same goes if you have finally decided to switch gears and turn to a healthier way of eating. As more and more unhealthy ingredients are added up to our [...]

Foods with High Water Content

They say that to stay healthy and fit, we need to consume at least eight glasses of water per day. But with many choices of energy drinks, fruit juice, and sodas available in the market, we can barely follow this water rule. Fortunately, here are some of the foods that can help you stay hydrated all throughout the day. Cucumber Of [...]

How to Cut Down Sugar Intake?

We commonly blame these sweet little things for our weight gain and yet we can’t refuse consuming them. Of course, they satisfy our sweet little cravings. Can you say no to a chocolate cake, ice  cream, pies, and cookies? See? Just mentioning them makes you crave for them. But to get on with our diet, we have to cut [...]

Make Your Comfort Foods Healthy

They say that comfort foods are guilty pleasures because (1) they are deep-fried (2) full of sugar (3) too much cheese (4) it will make you fat and (5) simply, unhealthy. But we can prove them wrong now. Not all comfort foods are bad for you, some can even help you burn fats! Read along to find out how [...]

Walking Can Be Your Best Exercise

As busy as we are today, most of us don’t have much time to go to the gym and run in the treadmill or even at home, we can’t do any stretching exercises. With so little time, how can we keep ourselves fit? Luckily, walking can be a good option for exercise. Here are the reasons why:Helps maintain weight The [...]

Foods that Help Burn Fats

Having a balanced diet has never been easy for some of us, even harder is knowing which of these foods can balance the nutrition intake we need. Luckily, there are fat-burning foods you can add to your daily meal.Whole Grains Unlike processed foods, our body burns many calories as it breaks down whole foods that are rich in fiber. So, [...]

Common Diet Mistakes You Should Avoid

Often times, when we get too determined in life, we resort to desperate measures that doesn’t help the situation we are in. This includes being on a diet. The more we want to trim down our weight, the more we engage ourselves in diet and workout. Unfortunately, some of us end up committing the following diet mistakes:Being in a [...]

Why Adults Should Also Have an Active Lifestyle

As people age, everyone are prone to illnesses that would tend to weaken one’s body. No matter how young or old you may be, finding time to stay active through exercise would help make both your mind and body healthy.It helps improve your metabolism Aging affects metabolism. When people grow older, they tend to move less and eat more. That’s [...]

Simple Things You Could Do to Lose Weight

Reducing your weight can be very challenging especially when you really love to eat delicious foods. It doesn’t matter how fit or slim you want to be, as long as you have the goal and determination for it. Here are simple things you could do to achieve it:Be the early bird Whether it is a moderate jog or an extensive [...]

The Lazy Guide to Losing Weight

Spending your entire day with your exercise, cooking your planned daily meal, and monitoring your weight progress -- these things require meticulous preparation and effort. You’d rather stay in your bed and continue your dream. Well, not doing so much could also help you with your diet. Here are some of the easy things you could do without breaking a [...]

Tips in Creating an Attainable Diet Plan to Fight Diabetes

Diabetes is a silent killer. It is an increasing worldwide epidemic and its root cause can be related to obesity, overweight and sedentary lifestyle. However, in most cases it is preventable with a healthy lifestyle and effective diet plan. There are different diet plans when we talk about the prevention of diabetes. In this article, you will discover tips on [...]

The Weight Loss Benefit of HCG Diet Protocol

The HCG Injections is formulated for people who wants to be in their well deserved physique. It is a healthy homeopathic and safe weight loss procedure that was invented by a Dr. Simeons, a british physician.The developed diet protocol promises a decrease in weight by several pounds a week. It should on the other hand, be paired with a [...]

Why Detox is Essential for HCG Diet

Being overweight makes someone feel sluggish and irritated. Moreover, it contributes to skin problems, body pains and digestive disorders. When someone is planning to lose weight, he/she should undergo a body detox.Body detox is the process of cleaning, revitalizing and relaxing your body from inside and out. It removes and eliminates the toxins of the body so it can [...]

HCG Diet Tips for Women

Desired weight and figure has been quite an intriguing issue especially to women, and tends to be difficult to achieve with diet and exercise alone resulting to lower confidence and self-esteem.Daily Eating Habits and Routines One reason is that women tend to be less active in hardcore exercise and sweat breaking routines than men. Hence, it gradually creates an irregular [...]

Know How HCG Could Help You With Your Diet

For those who are not yet familiar with how HCG diet works, it helps you lose pounds every week. Not every diet supplement can reduce your weight or fat alone. It still requires healthy diet and regular exercise.HCG is also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin. It is a pregnancy hormone responsible in mobilizing the fats for the mother’s and [...]

Don’t let stress increase your body mass!

An increase in weight can result from several reasons and one of those would be “Stress”. It is our natural way of responding to the events which triggers the body to release cortisol, a stress hormone.Stress is a response against threats to our body There are plenty of reasons for stress, whether it be from over fatigue, endless requirements at [...]

HCG: Solution to unwanted weight gain

There are many reasons why people gain weight, and an increase in body fat commonly occurs due to too much daily calorie intake and unhealthy eating habits. It also includes food cravings which are difficult to control from time to time. Another factor is having little physical activities such as sports and exercises.Plan and schedule your daily meals In order [...]

What is Dr. Simeon’s HCG Diet protocol?

There has been a lot of debate and confusion all over the web as to what the proper HCG diet is, how it is really performed, and where to properly buy HCG online. Discussed in this blog are information, suggested prescription and diet for the best HCG results. HCG Injections and Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) Very Low Calorie Diet: Countless [...]