Frequently Asked Questions

IHCG Reward points will be applied to your account after the product status was set to COMPLETED (product shipped out). This happens automatically, so you will have them no worries.
Please note that all payments must clear from fraud, this will take 24-48 hours. After that the shipper will be informed and will organize your shipment and confirm back to us when dispatched. This can take another 2-3 days. We will then inform you by email with the shipping confirmation, tracking ID, and the estimated arrival time. If you are unable to find that email, please check in your spam folder. You will also find the message in YOUR ACCOUNT area when you login to our website. Alternatively start a chat and ask for info on your order.
The orders generally arrive on time by express mail, however there may be slight delays with international shipments. This will reflect in the tracking information. The general deliver time is 5-10 business days after order confirmed shipped out - not incl. 2-3 days handling time. Please contact us if this time has passed. If finally the shipment did not arrive until 30 days after we confirmed it shipped out by email, we will resend your order free of charge  - or you can receive a full refund back to the payment option you used when purchasing with us.
Currently only accept Visa, MC and Amex. Beside these widely known options you can also use direct bank transfer - using the 'direct payment' or 'fast payment' option in our bank's online area, or Bitcoin. You will find these options on the check page.
The postal service will try to deliver the shipment to an authorized person in your household. If nobody is at home they will leave a note, asking you to pickup the shipment from the post office. It is your duty to do that within 2 weeks, otherwise they will return the shipment to the sender. We may reship your order once at no cost but you cannot claim a full refund if reshipment + delivery fails once more. Avoid all the issues by checking the online tracking info as it will show the delivery attempt there, then collect the shipment in time.
Disregard the order you submitted and place a new order with the payment option you would like to use. There is no need to edit or change a previously made but unpaid order.
Orders come in plain boxes and there are no product stickers outside that would give away the content.

Yes, the amount is USD100. This makes sense given the transfer fees.

Yes, it can be tracked by or DHL, the tracking ID is provided in the shipping confirmation email.
We are selling exactly the same product that is prescribed by doctors, and administered in Clinics. The hCG shipped is made from the urine of pregnant women, this is the most effective and only product that has bioavailability. The HCG  is produced in a time-consuming process, where the chorionic gonadotropin is isolated, sterilized and freeze-dried.
Yes. We are selling human chorionic gonadotropin, the same product that is prescribed by doctors.
We are using a payment processor to handle the payments. They have their own filters in place and may decline or accept a transaction without any influence from our side. Often these filters react sensitively to identify potential card fraud, but you can follow the points below to minimized your order getting declined. General guidelines: 1. This is an international transaction, the processing bank may be in Asia or Europe. Many (USA) banks block this for security reasons. Call to your bank and inform them the charge was intended. This is a very common payment problem. After informing your card issuing bank place your order again. 2. Make sure you Credit Card has enough coverage for the purchase. 3. Use a common email domain, like yahoo/hotmail/gmail, to register on our website (less likely to get flagged) 4. In case your card was issued in the USA then your actual location from where you place your order, should be there as-well, or our payment processor may filter it as fraud (IP address must match country) 5. Prepaid or gift cards may not work. Use a full credit card. 6. Enter your Card number without any spaces or hyphen.

Yes, we can generate a coupon code only for your campaign.

It is scientifically proven that oral or sublingual HCG is ineffective, to be used as a HCG treatment. The substance cannot pass from the oral mucosa into the bloodstream. Offering these oral products is a clever marketing strategy, in order to hop on the HCG trend, by offering a questionable product that most likely does not even contain chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is only biologically active when injected into the body with a hypodermic needle. Read more here: hcg injections vs hcg drops
Sorry, but then the real HCG Diet may not be the right choice for you. Of course you can order 'homeopathic hcg' or 'hcg drops', but these DO NOT contain HCG at all. Authentic HCG only comes in a dried form and must be mixed up before administration. It takes 5 minutes of work on your end for the mixing but you will have the same product that Dr. Simeons used years ago when he discovered the amazing fat burning abilities of human chorionic gonadotropin.