Frequently Asked Questions

Usually there are no side effects at all. HCG is a natural hormone and very safe. Women do produce lots of HCG during their pregnancy and it is safe and beneficial for them and the developing embryo. Your HCG treatment requires only a small amount to be injected daily.
The chemical name is human chorionic gonadotropin. It is a naturally occurring hormone that is produced by a women during pregnancy and has various functions during that period.
Please place your order for HCGย  on our website and follow the checkout procedure. Upon successful payment you will receive an order confirmation to your email address. Please allow a 2-3 days of time for handling/processing. You will then receive a shipping confirmation from us with the estimated arrival time.
1pt = 1USD
This weight loss program was originally developed by the British endocrinologist A.T.W. Simeons in the sixties, while he was practicing in italy and india. Dr. Simeons found out that patients that were treated with HCG injections and on a Low Calorie diet, lost much of their stubborn fats in the problem areas.
Courier is used for Express shipments. For US Customers the package will be delivered by your local post office with USPS Express service. Signature is required upon arrival.

The default state is 'unverified' once the order ships and customer status is updated to 'completed' your commission status will also change to Verified and the commission payment is added to the balance.

The total commissions for the running month are cut of at the end of the month and paid out the end of the next month.

Our HCG is produced in Europe or Asia, in ISO Certified and government controlled facilities with high production standards.
Unused points will expire 1 YEAR after they were generated.