Fitness Dilemma: Gaining Weight Without Knowing Why

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Fitness Dilemma: Gaining Weight Without Knowing Why

You have been truly devoted to your fitness program. All throughout the week you’ve done the required number of exercise routine, got your HCG shots, eaten the recommended daily diet, and avoided all the nasty temptation around you, but YOU STILL GAINED WEIGHT. That wrong movement of the scale led you to frustration and the never-ending question of “What happened?”

To identify the culprit, here is a rundown of possibilities that may have made an impact:

Visiting salad bars too often

Salads, believe it or not, are not always the healthiest option. The salad bars offer varieties of add-ons that include cheese, dried fruits, nuts, and topping it off with creamy salad dressings that might contain more calories than junk food. You should ask for dressing on the side and limit yourself to one or two fats.

Being overly attached with your diet products

Reading the labels on these products will save you time, money, effort, and most importantly, your overall wellness. If you saw the marking that said “sugar-free”, “low-calorie”, or “fat-free”, be the usual skeptical buyer. These indications can be deceiving.  In addition, the “diet ” version of your favorite food may sometimes make you feel less satisfied. Chances are, you will be eating more and gain weight in the long run.

Not eating meals to lose weight

Skipping a meal or two if you are aiming to lose weight, is a wrong choice. Doing so is counter-effective to your fitness program and is dangerous and unhealthy as well. Not eating your meal at the right time can also lead to overeating the following day. So, instead of facing your day on an empty stomach, try packing something small and light. Sufficient portions of food will help you get through your day with the right amount of energy that your body needs in order to be productive.

Sudden fluctuations in your weight (gaining or losing) can be caused by different factors. Assessing the changes on your daily activities as you shift into a healthier lifestyle is important in achieving your fitness goals. Basically, it is your body you are working on, so you should be the one to notice what it needs.

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