Mistakes Women Need to Avoid When Working Out

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Mistakes Women Need to Avoid When Working Out

Working out is one of the worst, if not, the worst nightmare of a person who would like to undergo diet. It is said to be tiring, sweaty, and a pain the ass process of achieving your dream weight and physique. Sometimes even if you do workout, you tend to not do it properly and still expect to get the same awesome results. Here are few of the many mistakes that are often overlooked:

Working out with an empty stomach

It is a big NO to workout without a source of energy in the first place. What you can do is to eat healthy meals with a good amount energy and water at least an hour before your scheduled workout. With this, you could comfortably do your routines without the worry of suddenly being hungry. You may also opt to bring a bottle of water every time.

Skipping your stretching

Warming up and stretching is very important. Not only does it condition your body prior to your routine, it would also prevent injury and bring more out of your workout.

Steady Paced Cardio Workouts

Running on a moderate phase every single day without even attempting to increase your momentum may not be totally effective in terms of building up your muscles the way you want to be. Swimming, biking, or simply running, or whatever type of cardio routine you do everyday — it is important to try and create intervals and tempo switches in order to spice up the phase so that it won’t turn out to be a stalemate.

Consistent lightweight lift limit

Women generally have the fear of getting buffed like a macho man, but lifting the same 1kg dumbbells won’t get you anywhere. One good way to maintain a good physique yet limit yourself from not being buffed is to gradually increase the weight cap you can lift and limit the maximum weight to a certain extent. For example, try to lift up to 15kg but not go beyond it. Well, for curiosity purposes you may want to try out the 20+kg.

The overnight result

Lastly, no weight and physique can be achieved overnight. You may see yourself wearing it in your dream but in reality, you have to do with discipline, perseverance, and consistency.

You may also want to follow a diet program and lose pounds every week. Using a proper diet protocol, your desired weight and figure will definitely be achieved. Start your HCG diet now!

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