Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

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Say Goodbye to Your Double Chin

Have you been hesitant of posting your selfies on Instagram lately because of your visible double chin? Well, to those of you who aren’t aware, there are actually double chin exercises that you can do to remove the fat under your jaw. You need to add them up on your workout and execute all of them on a regular basis. Yes, to make this work, you’re gonna have to move your whole body at once, execute healthy diet and make sure that the calories you burn are heavier than the calories you eat.

To achieve great results, try these exercises:


  • Assume a standing or sitting position.
  • Tilt your head back until you’re directly looking at the ceiling.
  • Tilt your head back down. Make sure you lower your chin until it reaches your chest.
  • Repeat the routine 20 times. Maintain your straight posture and avoid rounding your upper back while performing this exercise for accurate results.


Do you remember how you used to ask your parents for a favor when you were a little girl? How about the time when your parents refused to give you what you want that you put on those pouty lips and puppy dog eyes just to change their mind? Well, this second exercise is just like that – without the puppy dog eyes.

  • For one second, do your trademark pout by sticking out your lower lip as far as you can from a sitting position.
  • Without losing the pout, tilt your head downwards until your chin reaches your chest.
  • Straighten your neck and relax your lips in preparation for 19 more.
  • Repeat the routine 20 times.


  • Sit up straight, and then aim to look at the ceiling. Tilt your head back without losing your posture.
  • Once you feel your neck all stretched out, open your mouth and perform an “O” shape. Hold for 20 seconds and go back to your first position. Repeat 15 times.


  • This can be the perfect time to do the “duck face”. On your happy place, stand up straight and leave your arms hanging on your sides.
  • Again, tilt your head back until you’re directly looking at the ceiling.
  • For five seconds, act as if you’re trying to reach the ceiling with nothing but your lips. Hold for five seconds and then go back to your first position.
  • Repeat 15 times.


  • In your preferred position, rotate your head slowly and gently on a clockwise manner. Repeat ten times, and then proceed to the opposite side.
  • Keep your shoulders down and your posture straight during the whole routine.

Double chin exercises focuses on toning and firming the muscles of your face. Not only do they give you the thin face you’ve always wanted, but they also keep your skin from sagging during and after your successful weight loss. For faster results, purchase HCG online today!

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