How to Cut Down Sugar Intake?

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How to Cut Down Sugar Intake?

We commonly blame these sweet little things for our weight gain and yet we can’t refuse consuming them. Of course, they satisfy our sweet little cravings. Can you say no to a chocolate cake, ice  cream, pies, and cookies? See? Just mentioning them makes you crave for them. But to get on with our diet, we have to cut our intake of them down. So here are some tips.

Check out the labels

Since there are ingredients written on the labels, take this advantage and read them. Not because something isn’t sweet, it means there are no sugars in it. Unfortunately, even crackers contain sugar. So when buying, make sure to take a look at the ingredients and choose the one that has lesser sugar.

Cut down on portions

Nope, if you’re used to consuming sugar, you can’t do it at once. You can’t just wake up and drink your coffee without sugar. You can’t go on a day without craving for sweetness on your meal. Don’t worry. It’s alright. All you have to do is to cut it down on portions. If you put two teaspoons of sugar on your coffee, try to limit on one and then none for the following days. This way, your taste buds can adjust until you get used to not having sugar at all.

Replace it with flavors

One good thing about cutting down sugar is that you can still replace the sweetness with favors. Add cocoa or vanilla to your unsweetened latte. Give your pastries a cinnamon kick. Top your cereals and oatmeal with fresh fruits.


And lastly, commit into it. Once you get started, you must continue to do it. Stick with it and you’ll notice the changes. Not only will it get you to be healthy but this can also help in weight loss. For better diet results, add HCG on your diet!


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