10 Signs That You Are Doing Excessive Workouts

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10 Signs That You Are Doing Excessive Workouts

One of the effective ways to make HCG Injections more successful is by adding a consistent exercise routine. However, because of your urge to lose weight right away, you take exercising very seriously which can worn out your muscles. At this point, your body might be reaching the point of overtraining and you may now feel something unusual lately such as pain, trouble sleeping and more.

Watch out for the following signs below and slow down before you experience serious injuries.

Muscle Soreness
Having sore muscles for a day or two is normal after workout but if you still feel the same way after the 72-hour mark, might as well schedule a break and rest for a while. The extended soreness is a sign that your muscles aren’t recovering well which has a negative impact on your muscle building efforts.

Having Trouble in Sleeping
If you overtrain yourself, there is a chance that your nervous and hormonal system will be disturbed making you feel sleepless, restless, and unable to focus. When you exercise too much, you are sending out stress hormones which promotes insomnia. Aside from this, overtraining also make people more tired than normal.

You Can’t Finish Normal Workouts Anymore
When you are overtrained, you cannot do the workouts that you are used to do before. If you are getting weaker, slower and you feel that your stamina is deteriorating despite of the regular exercise you’ve been doing, you need to lessen your workout time.

Decreased Motivation
If you used to go to gym for almost all of the time then suddenly feel disinterested, you are probably overexerting yourself in exercising. Now, your mind is telling you that you need to rest because you’re doing it too much. Listen to your body and take a rest.

Depression/Mental Stress
A health benefit of exercising includes improving of mental health, but doing it too much could have the opposite effect. When you’re working out, you have a goal. And because of not achieving that goal due to overtraining, you will lose focus and motivation and will lead to mental stress and even depression.

Menstrual Cycle Disturbances in Women
Excessive exercising may disrupt woman’s menstrual cycle. Some may experience irregular menstrual periods while others will totally disrupt and halt their menstrual cycle.

You feel drained after working out
One exciting benefit of working out is the post-workout feeling. It is a feeling of being relaxed, refreshed and energized. But if you exceed the work out limits of your body, you will feel irritable, uncomfortable and moody. Proper exercise should lift up your mood, if you’re feeling the opposite, it might be time to take a rest.

Getting Injured More Often
Are you getting more injuries and even experiencing recurrence of pain from old physical traumas? Then, you are again overtraining. When you overtrain, your body doesn’t have enough time to recover which only worsens your injuries. Allow yourself to have rest periods in your exercise routine or maybe changing your routine to a lighter workout.

Getting Sick More Often
Because of your lack of sleep, mental stress, and body pains, you become more sickly. It’s your body’s message to let you know that your immune system is getting weak or suffering from the stress of the overtraining. Take a rest and let your immune system recover.

Changes in Appetite
Other signs of overtraining include changes in appetite. Your hunger or desire to eat decreases while there are instances that you feel hungry more often than normal. If you feel unusual regarding your appetite that you used to have before working out, you’re experiencing overtraining.

Before every workout, it’s important to know the real motives behind training. Plan your workout routines properly, don’t overdo it. Take your time and take good care of our body.

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