How Important is Stretching?

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How Important is Stretching?

One of the things that often get overlooked in doing fitness routines is stretching. While it may not be the key to lose weight, here are some of the things you need to know why it should be important too.

It improves your flexibility.

We may not notice but when we don’t stretch, reaching out seems harder because our range of motion is limited. But as we do so, it prevents tight muscles and makes it easier for us to move around and do our daily activities.

It enhances your posture.

Relating to the above statement, when tight muscles are finally lengthened, our muscle balance in the joints improves too. This corrects our poor posture in the long run.

It increases blood flow and circulation.

A normal dose of oxygen and nutrients to the bloodstream is needed for a healthy body and mind. This makes the whole body system to maintain its functioning very well and reduces the risks of heart diseases.

It decreases muscle injury and soreness.

Stretching helps in recovery from workout soreness and injuries because it sends blood and nutrient supply to muscles and cartilage. Potential risks of soreness lessens when you stretch before and after exercise.

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