Foods that Help Burn Fats

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Foods that Help Burn Fats

Having a balanced diet has never been easy for some of us, even harder is knowing which of these foods can balance the nutrition intake we need. Luckily, there are fat-burning foods you can add to your daily meal.

Whole Grains

Unlike processed foods, our body burns many calories as it breaks down whole foods that are rich in fiber. So, you better start choosing whole grains, oatmeal, and brown rice.


Do you know that there are only 50-calories for six oysters? And it also helps reduce PMS-cravings and decrease appetite. A good choice when dining out, eh?

Green Tea

Aside from its detoxifying nutrients, it also helps in speeding up the metabolism and fires up fat burning in the body. Not fond of drinking green tea? How about an iced tea?


Nope, not a cinnamon bun. You need at least a quarter of a teaspoon of cinnamon to make your fat-storage hormone slow down and be lessened. A better choice would be to add it to a smoothie.


Yes! But you have it to make it decaffeinated and black to fully absorb its fat-burning benefits. As coffee stimulates adrenaline in the body, it soon sends a signal to our fat stores to burn fats.

Chili Peppers

That kick you get as you eat these hot peppers makes you melt more calories. Besides, it also spikes up metabolism. So, the next time you cook your meals, try to add some nice spice of chili!

May you have a balanced diet with all these. To help out on trimming down your weight, try HCG diet today and get better results!

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