Tips to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

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Tips to Have a Healthy Thanksgiving

That one day in every year where we have an excuse to indulge ourselves – Thanksgiving, it is! Some of us tend to end up going home with an added weight on our waists and unfortunately, even add more as Christmas and New Year comes. Luckily, we can always avoid this scenario by eating healthy during those events.


Use healthy ingredients

Tweak your recipes by reducing the amount of sugar and fat. Switch your usual butter with olive oil or canola oil for healthy fats. And instead of using processed sugar, try to use substitutes for flavoring. You may use organic sweeteners for a healthier dessert. This small act will help in lowering the calories you might gain during the day.

Maintain a reasonable portion

With too many tempting foods on the table, it’s so easy to lose track of the quantity of the foods you have eaten. So, make sure you put a small portion of each meal that you want to eat. This way, you can have enough space in your stomach and you will not overeat. Another good strategy is to use a small plate when trying out every meal.

Go easy while eating

To lessen the chance of overeating, you should chew your food slowly. It takes a few minutes for your brain to receive the signal that you’re already full. Savor your meals during the Thanksgiving, you don’t need to be in a hurry because there’s always enough food for everyone.

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