Getting Started With Your Fitness Routine Safely

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getting started for a safe exercise

Getting Started With Your Fitness Routine Safely

When you do a fitness routine, immediately jumping of to a fast pace could hurt you. It would be wise to check your condition first before hitting the start button. Things like symptoms and/or illnesses may have a different type of approach than that of normal health status. So at first, you have to know what you can and cannot do.

Be wary of your health concerns

You have to know your own condition before you try and do routines that seem difficult. There might be a slight change in your meal plan, schedule, and/or medication. These little details should not be taken lightly for it may cost you. For those who have health conditions such as diabetes and those which affect your breathing, whenever you feel tired or in pain when you exercise, don’t immediately stop; instead, gradually slow down until you stop. The body could be shocked and even lead to worse conditions if you came from running then hit the brake hard instead of slowing down first from a distance before stopping.

Start slow and end slow

It is never too late to exercise. Even men and women over the age of fifty still do their routine. It’s a matter of you being eager to do it. Start slow, don’t rush it. Instead, you could gradually increase the pace and make sure that you are comfortable with it before you proceed with a much higher pace.

Stick with a good exercise schedule

If you want good results, you need to stick with it. Something as soft as doing your routine once a week won’t do. You should at least attempt to do it two to four times a week for you to see the difference. Even a simple 30-minute walk would contribute greatly. Seek for a decent weekly plan and follow it.

Picture out a long-term result but focus on a short term goal

One of the most effective things that you could do is to do things gradually. If you wish to run 12 km or 24 km and is still having a hard time running 5 km, you could try to improve your running every week by 500m or 1km depending on your preference until you get used to it and move to a longer distance.

Recognize problems

When you do your routine, some problems like muscle pain are inevitable. If you feel like you can’t finish it due to these type of causes, then don’t push yourself. Your health is much more important that achieving your 52 km dream run. It will come.

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