Fitness 101: How to Prevent an Injury During Workout

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how to prevent an injury during workout

Fitness 101: How to Prevent an Injury During Workout

Choosing to be fit and healthy is one of the best decisions you’ll ever make in your life, not only will it keep your body toned but it will also enhance your lifestyle and well-being as a person. It has been said that working out helps relieve stress but if it leads to an unnecessary event like an injury, how can you continue being fit and healthy again?

So, before that happens, here are some reminders on how you can prevent an injury during workout.

Warm up

If you don’t want to wake up with an aching body, you better make sure you do your warm-up exercise first before hitting the gym. This will prepare your body and loosen your muscles for heavier training and exercise. Most common warm-up exercises are lunge, squat, push up, jumping jack, and jogging. Also, don’t forget to cool down afterwards.


Since you’ve already increased your heart rate and loosened your muscles, you might as well improve your flexibility through stretching. This also enhances the circulation of oxygen in your muscles which in turn reduces tendency of soreness.

Have the proper gear

Remember, we have different set of clothes for a reason. Obviously, you can’t wear stilettos for marathons; this is why we have our running shoes. You can’t swim wearing your dress; this is why we have bikinis. The same goes for working out, you’ve got to wear the proper dress code so you can move your body freely.

Listen to your body

It is true that if there’s no pain, there is also no gain. But overdoing something is definitely not good. Once your body says it can’t go any further, you don’t have to push it to its limits for the sake of your training. Remember, being fit isn’t a race, what’s important is the progress of your workout.

Take a break

At least once a week, you should take a rest from working out not because you’re already exhausted but just to give time for your body to heal and rebuild itself from the strenuous week you’ve been through. But don’t rest for too long or else your body will get used to it and may find it hard to adjust again.

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