The Perfect Workout For Every Body Part

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The Perfect Workout For Every Body Part

There are over 600 muscles in our body. If you want to stay fit and healthy, you have keep every single one of them strong and mobile. No muscle should not be left behind whenever you are working out. To make sure that your giving them equal attention, here are the perfect workouts that you can do to strengthen each body part.

Deltoid or Shoulder Muscles: Dumbbell Front Raises


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How Do To It:

    • Stand with a straight torso and hold the dumbbells on front of your thighs at arms length. The palms of your hands should be facing your thighs.

    • Lift the left dumbbell to the front while maintaining your torso stationary. Slightly bend your elbow and make sure that the palms of your hands are always facing down. Continue going up until your arm reaches above parallel to the floor. Make sure to exhale as you do this and inhale after the second pause.

    • Lift the right dumbbell as you lower the left dumbbell.

    • Continue alternating in this manner.

  • You can also perform this exercise with both arms at the same time. If you want more challenge, you can use a barbell.

Chest: Dumbbell Flyes


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How Do To It:

    • Lie down while holding a dumbbell on each hand on top of your thighs. The palms of your hand shall be facing each other.

    • Lift the dumbbells alternatively at your shoulder width with the palms of your hands facing each other. Use your thighs to help raise the dumbbells. Stop and hold them before you lock out.

    • Lower your arms at both sides until you feel a stretch on your chest. Inhale while performing this. Make sure that your arms remain still and the only thing that is moving is your shoulder joint.

  • Exhale while you are returning your arms back to the starting position.

Abdominals: Mountain Climbers


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 How Do To It:

    • Put yourself in a pushup position with your hands and toes supporting your weight. Flex your knee and hip. Bring one leg until your knee is at the same height as your hip.

    • Reverse the positions of your legs. Extend the bent leg until it is straight and supported by the toe. Bring the other foot up while flexing your knee and hip.

  • Repeat alternately for 20 -30 seconds.

Side Abs: Russian Twist


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How Do To It:

    • Lie down on the floor and place your feet with a material that will not move or have a partner hold them for you. Bent your legs at your knees.

    • Rise your upper body and create an imaginary V-shape using your thighs. Extend your arms in front of you perpendicular to your torso and with the hands clasped.

    • Twist your torso to the right side. Your arms should be parallel with the floor. Exhale while doing this.

    • Stay still for a few seconds then go back to the starting position. Do the same movements to the left side.

  • You can hold a weight with both arms for resistance.

Quadriceps: Barbell Full Squat


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How Do To It:

    • Your chest should be up and your head should be facing forward. Make the barbell supported on top of the traps.

    • Flex your knees downwards without moving your hips back as much as possible. Make sure that your knees stay align with your feet. Keep your torso upright.

  • Continue moving downwards while keeping the weight on the front of the heel. Once your upper legs meet your lower legs, reverse your motion and drive your weight upward.

Being fit requires discipline, commitment, and determination. You will not be able to achieve your dream body without any efforts. Do these workouts, eat the right food, and purchase HCG injections to get the body that you want in no time!

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