The Lazy Guide to Losing Weight

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lazy guide to lose weight

The Lazy Guide to Losing Weight

Spending your entire day with your exercise, cooking your planned daily meal, and monitoring your weight progress — these things require meticulous preparation and effort. You’d rather stay in your bed and continue your dream. Well, not doing so much could also help you with your diet.

Here are some of the easy things you could do without breaking a sweat.

Play video games

Believe it or not, playing video games turns out to be a good way to reduce weight. How? Well, as you play Candy Crush, Angry Birds, PvZ and some other games, you become focused to beat each stage that you wouldn’t even feel hungry.

Have a good sleep

Studies say that people who sleep less than five hours are likely to consume more food than those who sleep for five hours or more. It’s quite a simple equation if you think about it. How? Well, when you’re awake, you do plenty of things and become hungry; but when you’re asleep, you just lie there in your bed and dream while your stomach digests the remaining food inside until you feel hungry again.

Recharge with water

There is a saying that “water is life.” Well, compared to soda and some other artificial drinks, it really is. Studies even say that frequent drinking of soda, diet or not, would tend to make your waist larger. So instead of these colorful drinks, you have to get used to drinking plenty of water. Even before eating your meal, drink at least one glass of water. You would easily feel full and tend not to over-consume food.

Grab and eat raw fruits

Another effortless way to reduce weight is to stack fruits on your dining table or your bedroom table. If you are not in the mood to cook or prepare your meal, then you could just grab a fruit and eat it. You would feel a bit full and find yourself eating less when you feel hungry.

Relax and stay stress free

Being relaxed and stress free will help ease your mind and body. Studies even say that people who are stressed tend to consume more foods that are sweet, fat, and salty which leads to an increase in the body mass. So instead of feeling down, learn to have a positive attitude.

Be picky with the desserts

Desserts are often over-consumed especially when it is sweet and tasty. Try to do an option. Instead of eating sweets and drinking wine, you might opt to choose one only. Also, you may want to select desserts like fruit salad that are more nutritious and filling.

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