Why You Need to do Cardio Workout?

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Why You Need to do Cardio Workout?

Sitting all day long and just slacking off might soon enough take its toll to your overall well-being. This includes an added number on the scale, a bit on your waistline, and worse, illnesses like heart failure. The word ‘cardio’ came from the Greek word kardia which means heart. Obviously, the goal of doing regular cardio workouts helps mainly to prevent heart complications. But here are some other reasons for you to reconsider cardio exercises as part of your routine.

Weight Loss

There are a lot of factors you need to add up when you want to lose weight, that includes working out plus balanced diet. But while work out means burning your calories, it also covers a lot more than sweating off. It might mean you’ll do strength training or cardio workout. The latter will raise your heart rate and pump up your blood flow which means you’re going to be sweating all the while.

Strong Heart & Lungs

As above mentioned, cardio workout will raise your heart rate level (only up until to the point where you can still talk). This eventually makes your heart stronger and lessens the chances of heart attack as it lowers your cholesterol and blood pressure. Simultaneously, your lungs also get stronger as you breathe hard and fast during the workout.

Control Moods

When our brain sends happy and feel-good chemicals like dopamine and endorphins, our moods get to be easier to control. We can sleep soundly and it eventually reduces stress in our body. How do we achieve this? Yes, through cardio workout.

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