No-Bulk Workout for Women

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No-Bulk Workout for Women

One of the common myths about fitness is that women will bulk up when they lift weights. This is utter nonsense. Women will not gain muscles like how men do because of the hormones called testosterones and differences in muscle fibers. Unless you are using steroids, then you will really grow like Hulk. But if you still want to make sure not to bulk up but you want to gain a leaner, longer, and stronger body, here are some workouts for you to try.

Opposite arm and leg lift

Put yourself down on all fours. Make sure your hands and knees are under your shoulders and hips. Next is to stretch your right arm forward while stretching your left leg back. Hold it for a few seconds and repeat it on your other arm and leg. This will strengthen the upper body, lower body, biceps, triceps, shoulders, upper and lower back.

Down Dog

If you are doing yoga, this position is also known as downward-facing dog. All you have to do is to do a plank position, raise yourself in all fours, straighten your arms and legs, and lift your hips up. This strengthens the upper body, biceps, triceps, and shoulders.

Chair Twist

This workout builds up the lower and upper abdominals which can help you build your dream six-pack abs. All you have to do is to bend your knees until your thighs are nearly parallel to the floor. Next is to rotate your torso to the one side of your body. Hold it for a few seconds then do it on the other side.

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