Know Some Basics: An ABC of Fitness

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Know Some Basics: An ABC of Fitness

There are countless information regarding fitness and health wherever you go. Some are too complex for a starter, but getting a good grasp of it will be beneficial in return. Before brawling over these thoughts, familiarize yourself on fitness with this ABC:

Activities done

The benefits you will get from engaging to physical activities and exercise go far beyond losing some weight. Physical activity is defined as movement that involves contraction of your muscles as observed in the activities you do throughout the day. Exercise, on the other hand, is a planned, purposeful physical activity that aimed to achieve being fit and gain other health benefits. Being dedicated to these activities can help reduce your risk for several diseases, health conditions, and improve your overall quality of life.

Biological makeup

You already put a lot of effort on going to the gym, and purchased hcg injections, but are not getting any fitter. The answer could be hiding behind your biological makeup. A common example is the fact that men and women burn calories and lose weight differently. Men are more likely to have more muscle mass, which burns energy more easily and results in greater calories burnt as compared to women. So it is important to pattern your fitness goals and exercise routines on your biological makeup to set achievable results.

Cheat day

Admit it, there comes a time that you are just waiting for that specific day of the week wherein you can eat whatever you want and not follow any schedule. That day is commonly called as “cheat day” which are periodic, planned lay down on your strict diet program. Imagine several days and weeks of eating nothing but grilled white meat and vegetables. That can wear down even the most dedicated person so letting this day passed will provide you unexpected benefits.

Deciding on your fitness journey should not be done as quickly as a finger snap. You should prepare your body from strenuous activities and your mind to remain focused and determined for the challenges ahead.

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