Why You Can’t Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

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Why You Can’t Get Rid of Your Belly Fat

If getting a six-pack abs is easy, everybody would probably have it. Unfortunately, you have to work hard to attain it and even before you get your dream abs, you have to get rid of your belly fat and have a flat tummy first. But have you ever wondered why after all the things you’ve done, you still haven’t got your six packs? Maybe because:


You’re doing the wrong workout.

Perhaps it’s not enough. A low-intensity workout may not fully get rid of your belly fat so it’s better to take a high-intensity workout regimen because your goal is to build more muscles so you can burn more calories. Also, don’t focus on one part of your body only. Make sure you include your core, arms, legs, back, and abdomen.

You eat too much processed foods.

We all know that these kinds of foods have lesser nutrients since it has undergone process. Also, it increases the inflammation in the body which makes us more bloated.

You’re stressed.

Not only because stressed is spelled out backwards as desserts but also due to the fact that being stressed increases the chances of fats to cling on your body because of the stress hormone cortisol.

You have an illness.

Maybe because you’re ill that’s why no matter how hard you try to eliminate your belly fat, nothing happens. Consult your physician if you have diabetes or any hormonal dysfunction.

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