Make Your Comfort Foods Healthy

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Make Your Comfort Foods Healthy

They say that comfort foods are guilty pleasures because (1) they are deep-fried (2) full of sugar (3) too much cheese (4) it will make you fat and (5) simply, unhealthy. But we can prove them wrong now. Not all comfort foods are bad for you, some can even help you burn fats! Read along to find out how you can make them healthy.

Add veggies

Not all of us love to eat vegetables. So, why not spice up your favorite meaty meals with veggies? Add chives, garlic, and potatoes to your favorite steak. Spread it on top of your pizza. Or you may add veggies as your side dish. Green salad for a tasty bacon mac, this will help out balance the creaminess of the sauce.

Do this instead

There are a lot of ways to cook your food. Instead of deep-frying, you can bake, poach, steam, stir fry, grill, or roast it. Not only these cooking methods will eliminate the oil, but also maintain help maintain the nutrients and vitamins essential to the body.


Instead of eating foods that are full of calories and sugar, replace it with ones that are healthy. If you really want to have a snack, choose nuts over junk foods. Dark chocolate instead of ice cream.

To further enhance your diet, there are also other foods that can help burn fats or you can add hcg injections to your diet for better and immediate results!

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