Talking to your Kids About Obesity and Weight Loss

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Talking to your Kids About Obesity and Weight Loss

What would you do if you notice your child is gaining too much weight over the past weeks due to overeating? Would you ignore it, or would you do something to stop it?

Children obesity is one of the most common illnesses among kids and adolescents in the US. Given that weight can be a very sensitive issue for kids, parents are having a hard time raising the topic fearing that it would hurt their child’s feelings and damage their confidence. While opening up is the hardest part, the best decision is still to talk about the issue. Your motivation and your words are what your child needs the most to avoid overeating and for them to live a healthy life.

It’s About How You Say It

For instance, you can ask your child to go and play basketball with you in your backyard, and then tell him that it is going to be a weekly or daily routine for the both of you to stay in shape. If budget allows it, you can sign your child up for swimming or dancing lessons. Kids will definitely enjoy some fun physical activities, which can help them get rid of that excess weight.

Look for the right time to talk about the issue and make sure to bring it up gently. You can safely open it up after taking your child to the doctor for their regular checkup. You can simply reecho what the doctor said about your child’s weight and gently explain that you guys need to change your eating habit as soon as possible. Along with this, you can switch into low caloric foods and avoid eating sweets as much as possible. Tell your child that chocolates are sweet and scrumptious, but they are not really good for the health.

  • Avoid using the word fat, obese or overweight when talking about your weight loss venture.
  • Do not forget to complement your child for doing good in his diet and for looking prettier every single day. If possible, give them rewards or gifts for every achievement.
  • Never compare your child to his friends.
  • Talk to them about the positive health benefits of being healthy.
  • Always tell your child that you love him and that he deserves to be loved at all times.

Always note that your main goal is to inspire your kids to live healthy and to not be anxious on the numbers they see on the scale. Do not let your child do it alone. Be a good example yourself and join him in his weight loss journey. A child’s behavior is influenced by how well his family functions, so if your kid sees you eating and living healthy, then there’s a huge chance that he or she would love living healthy as well.

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