Don’t let stress increase your body mass!

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stress affects weight

Don’t let stress increase your body mass!

An increase in weight can result from several reasons and one of those would be “Stress”. It is our natural way of responding to the events which triggers the body to release cortisol, a stress hormone.

Stress is a response against threats to our body

There are plenty of reasons for stress, whether it be from over fatigue, endless requirements at work, or even a simple conversation.

It is natural for the human body to react and protect its host against these threats. As a result, metabolism rate, flow of blood, and opinion towards things relatively change.


Self control over food

One of the effects of stress causes an Individual to crave and consume more food than usual. Unhealthy habits of craving of too much fatty, sweet and other unhealthy foods.

Some of the reasons include a hectic schedule. Instead of preparing a healthy and delicious meal, it would end up resorting to processed food which is very unhealthy.

Less or even zero exercise

With all the workload present on a daily basis, the last thing on the checklist would probably be exercise. From hours of sitting in traffic, ticking clocks at the workplace and browsing your computer at home, exercise is a mere illusion.

It is important to allocate time for it. Even 2 or 3 days a week of exercise makes a lot of difference.

Following a meal plan

There are plenty of ways to prevent and reduce the gain of body weight. By following the VLCD diet by Dr. Simeon and application of HCG injections, losing pounds everyday is possible. Please do take note that HCG clinics will not resort to drops and other forms of Homeopathic substitutes other than injections.

To know more about how HCG works and how it can help you with your diet, contact us today.

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