Foods to Avoid While on a Diet Mode

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Foods to Avoid While on a Diet Mode

A good diet plan starts with the food you’ve taken. The efforts you exert in exercising and running is nonsense if you’re feeding your body foods that can add up on the weight of your body. In this case, here are some of the foods every person in diet mode should avoid;


Obviously one of the foods to be avoided is sweets such as candy bars, chocolates, cakes, ice creams etc. This is extremely unhealthy because of its added sugars and oils. In fact, even one bite of a chocolate bar will ruin your diet. Sweets are high in calories and unfortunately low in nutrients.

Multi grain bread

Sometimes, people tend to think that eating one to two slices of bread is a good food for your body. Unfortunately, most of us is wrong with this perception. White bread is refined and contains a lot of added sugar that can increase your blood sugar level. However, there are alternatives that you can eat instead of of this bread so better check the what kind of bread first.

High Fiber Snacks Bars

Everybody needs fiber but it is better to eat the natural foods that are rich in fiber like fruits and vegetables with the enough amount to help your body maintain its shape.

Soda / Artificial Sweeteners / Juices

If you’re serious about your diet plan, you literally need to say goodbye to this kind of foods. It contains artificial ingredients, flavored sugar water, and fructose that are certainly not healthy for the body.

Sugar Free Products

Yes, it sounds like you’re consuming less sugar but instead it contains unhealthy sugar alternatives  or fake sugars that can raise your insulin levels.

High Sodium Foods

Always check the label. If you see a high amount of sodium, it’s better for you to avoid that food. Sodium can cause your body to be bloated, or you will have a hard time determining if you are full after finishing your meal. Foods with high sodium includes soy sauce, processed foods, salted nuts, seasoning salts and much more.

Low calorie snacks

Even though it provides a low amount of calories that may help for your diet plan, most low calorie snacks are also too small to feed and satisfy your appetite. This causes you to be truly hungry and you tend to eat the full fat counterparts meal.

Achieving your dream body is not about lessening the amount of food you take, but it is mainly about the healthiest food you consume. Always remember that in order to have that fit body, you must keep in your mind that good food is a priority. For better result, you must maintain a good exercise and of course, IHCG Injections.

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